This Most Holy Season: Passover, Easter, and Ramadan 2022

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By Mary Chiang, guest of the sisters Every year, Jewish, Christians, and Muslims celebrate their holidays and feasts. But this year, the three Abrahamic religions celebrate their most holy tradition, in tandem. This only happens every 33 years. Each religion celebrates and remembers the very events which define their unique religious identity. The Jewish Passover (April 15- 23) recalls God’s deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt; Lent and Easter (March 2-April 17) revisits the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, as Messiah, Savior of the world; and Ramadan (April 2-May 1) the month on the Islamic calendar …

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‘Holy Week: Origins and Traditions,’ The Holy Wisdom Podcast

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Want to be the first to hear every new episode? Click here to sign up for email notifications! This month, Sister Lynne Smith and Lynn Lemberger return to talk all about Holy Week. Lynn gives us an overview of the history, including a first-hand account from a woman’s travel journal of Roman celebrations. Learn why Palm Sunday is named after palms, and the significance of this week leading up to Easter. Meanwhile, Sister Lynne shares the traditions we normally hold throughout this week. Maybe you can bring some of these celebrations to life in your own home! Where to Listen? …

Pat Hilts' loom set up for weaving Easter III banner for Holy Wisdom Monastery

Gifts woven through time

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When Pat Hilts responded to a posting on a bulletin board in the Home Economics Building on the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) campus in 1976, she had no idea that she was about to enhance the lives of many people for years to come. “The posting was from a place called St. Benedict Center and they were looking for someone to do some weavings for the monastery,” says Pat. “I had been spinning wool and weaving since 1968 so I decided to answer the ad.” Pat met with Sisters Mary David Walgenbach and Joanne Kollasch and Frank Kasmarcik, a consultant …