Nurture the monk in yourself and in others

The Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery form an ecumenical learning community of adults, guided by the mission, vision and values of Holy Wisdom Monastery. Diverse in ages and faith traditions, they find guidance for their daily lives in the Rule of Benedict. Oblates seek God through a balance of prayer, work, leisure and study. They meet regularly to help one another grow spiritually; to nurture the inward, spiritual journey; and to integrate Benedictine spirituality into their lives.

Explore Benedictine spirituality

Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery, are encouraged to:

  • study the Rule of Benedict, a guide for Christian spirituality;
  • develop a personal spiritual rule of life and deepen their Benedictine spirituality;
  • be an active participant in the oblate community;
  • provide service to the oblate community and the monastery.

Make a commitment
to a larger vision

If you wish to learn more about the oblate community of Holy Wisdom Monastery, we encourage you to become an inquirer, and attend monastery gatherings. If you then discern a desire to become an oblate of Holy Wisdom Monastery, you will spend one or two years in discernment as a candidate. The oblate candidate commits to:

  • attend scheduled candidate gatherings (retreats and classes) during the formation year to discern if they are being called to become an oblate at Holy Wisdom Monastery;
  • study the Rule of Benedict and consider its application to their lives;
  • grow spiritually through prayer, self-reflection, listening, and participation;
  • form community with their oblate class, supporting each other’s spiritual growth;
  • deepen their connection to Holy Wisdom Monastery.

Becoming an oblate candidate

Interested in joining the oblate community at Holy Wisdom? Click the button below to get more information about the community and to be notified when our next candidate class begins. We also encourage you to review the Holy Wisdom Monastery website and attend gatherings to learn more about the mission, vision and values of the monastery which guide our oblate community.

Learn more about becoming
an oblate candidate

“The Rule of Benedict has been a gift for me.  And the beautiful oblate community has brought me home to a group of kind, gentle, humorous people who also have the need I have to be filled and guided by the Spirit.  The structure of the Rule of Benedict and the experience of drawing and writing my own rule have been both building blocks and encouragement for creating the inner and outer life I intentionally live”

“What draws me to Holy Wisdom is the Rule itself and being a member in an observant, practicing community.  I desire to stand with and in witness to the values and tradition of the Benedictine Way of Life.”

“I especially appreciate Benedict’s statement in chapter 31 that ‘the cellarer will regard all utensils and goods of the monastery as sacred vessels of the altar, aware that nothing is to be neglected.’  Circumstances may make me feel ‘housebound’ and Benedict reminds me that the household tasks that irritate me are valuable!!”