2020 Annual report

Dear Friends,

In a year filled with grief and loss, we were deeply touched by the outpouring of support we received from you, our donors. Your extraordinary love of the sisters and the mission of the monastery resulted in $835,815 donated by 803 donors to
continue the mission of weaving prayer, hospitality, justice and care for the earth into a shared way of life.

New ways of building community emerged and you embraced virtual opportunities of prayer and worship, learning and socializing. And the communities grew! When indoor gatherings stopped, our sacred land offered respite for those seeking a place for peaceful meditation, nature exploration and recreation.

Your donations made it possible to pay the coworkers; promote membership to the sisters’ community; care for the sisters, communities, facilities and land; purchase additional equipment to make the indoor spaces safe; support our neighbors in need; and offer prayer and worship opportunities to our communities and beyond.

Thank you for believing in the mission and ministries of the monastery and offering your gifts so we could continue to build communities and impact the lives of thousands.

Sister Mary David Walgenbach, Prioress
Charles P. McLimans, CEO


Wisdom Fund $364,408
Prayer $10,160
Sunday Assembly $220,638
Oblates $17,476
Hospitality & Facilities $104,687
Justice $38,397
Care for the Earth $22,597
Friends of Wisdom Prairie $18,694
In-kind $38,758
Total Support & Revenue $835,815
Payroll & Operations $409,190
     Wisdom Fund $16,452
     Prayer $3,916
     Sunday Assembly $164,503
     Oblates $20,556
     Hospitality & Facilities $32,772
     Justice $10,802
     Care for the Earth $20,833
     Friends of Wisdom Prairie $3,463
     In-kind $32,683
Total Grants $305,980
Total Expenses $715,170


The top fundraising priority to help achieve sustainability in all our essential resources.

$364,408 donated in support of the sisters’ mission, where most needed.

Download the 2014 annual report from Benedictine Life Foundation

Click the report to download.


At Holy Wisdom Monastery, our mission, vision and ministries are shaped by values drawn from the Rule of Benedict: beauty, balance, simplicity, silence and respect for all of creation.

Gifts are tax deductible as provided by law. For more information contact Amy
Bonomie at 608-836-1631, x124 or abonomie@holywisdommonastery.org.


Holy Wisdom Monastery, home of the Benedictine Women of Madison and a community of ecumenical Benedictine communities, weaves prayer, hospitality, justice and care for the earth into a shared way of life. Here is a financial highlight for each of the 4 key mission elements to showcase the mission, vision and ministries offered in each area.


We offer beauty, balance, stability, prayer in common, worship, contemplative silence and respect to all.

6% – increase in Sunday Assembly members and
20.7% – increase in attendance
4,329 – hours of live streamed prayer, worship & spirituality offerings
$248,274 – donated to uplift the essential role of ecumenical prayer, worship, community life and spiritual experiences


We respect all people, and welcome guests with diverse views and customs.

333 – personal retreatants visited in the 7 months we were open
5,458 –  volunteer hours and
148 – volunteers
$25,800 – donated for the Healthy Hospitality initiative to ensure a safe and welcoming reopen post-pandemic


We strive to live ever more deeply into diversity, inclusivity and equity, so that all may be one.

2 – new initiatives created: Community Respite & Resiliency providing retreat experiences for restoration and renewal to grassroots leaders who serve communities of color; and collaboration with The River Food Pantry to support a fully nourished community
$21,386  – granted to Luke House, Vera Court, MOSES, Hispanic Ministry, SARTHI and The River Food


We share our outdoor spaces for individual, group, spiritual and ecological restoration, growth, healing, connection and learning.

3 – new environmental educational guides on deciduous trees, conifers and deciduous shrubs
1,000 – volunteer hours caring for the earth
$41,291 – donated to support the Friends of Wisdom Prairie memberships, restoration projects, internship and eco-spirituality experiences


Thank you to all of our donors who support the mission, ministries, communities and sisters at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

  • A special thank you to our Scholastica Sustainers for their long-standing contributions of 10 or more consecutive years, as they have shaped the legacy and future of the Monastery with their financial support.  These donors are signified with a * near their name below.
  • We’d also extend our deep gratitude for the community members inducted into the Benedict Society with the offering of a planned gift. Their hope and vision of the Monastery is exemplified by their selfless offering to support the sisters community and the long-term legacy of Holy Wisdom Monastery and sacred land for generations to come. These donors are signified with a # near their name below.
  • Please contact Amy Bonomie, director of mission advancement with questions or additional information regarding your current or future giving at 608-836-1631, 124 or abonomie@holywisdommonastery.org.

Barb & Dan Abbott *

Stephanie Achten

Doreen Adamany *

Sandy Adams *

Freddi Joan Adelson

Sylvia Adrian *

Jane Ahlstrom *

John and Chris Ainslie

Bishop Diana Akiyama &
Michael Lee Jackson *

Debbie Albano & Peter Leki *

Jane Albert

Mary Alberts & Don Spencer *

Wendy Alettha

Anne Aley

Ian Aley

Dwight Allen

Marilyn & John Allen

Alliant Energy Foundation

Amy Alstad

Bobbie Amann

Carol & Phil Andersen *

Phyllis Andersen

Beth & Don Anderson

Cindy Anderson

Jennifer & Roger Anderson

Peter Anderson

Laura Andrews

Bernice Anglin *

Debra Annen

Anonymous (26)

Mary Ardissone *

Mary Armanios

Greg Armstrong &
Cheryl Bauer-Armstrong *

Barbara Arnold

Rhonda Arries

Rajai & Chickee Atalla *

Ian Atalla

David Athas

Mrs Gretchen &
Dr Benjamin Atkinson

Sister Judy Aubry

Kyle Ausloos

Marcella Averkamp

Jane Ayer * #

Mary & Jim Bachhuber

Michele Bacsik

Badger Volunteers

Richard Baker

Patricia Ball

Alissa Ballot

Bank of America Foundation, Inc

Camille Banks *

Mary Baumann

Marlene Baumgartner

Rebecca Bedell

Lou Behm

Ellen & Chris Belle

Amy Bell-Ferries & Emily Ferries

Michael & Jane Belongie *

Cynthia Bender

Debra Bendis

Barbara Benson

Susan Berggren

Jerry & Connie Bernardy *

Naomi & Andrew Bernstein

Tom Bernthal

Sarah Bianchi & AJ Bianchi

Anna Biermeier & Roger Hanson

Lisa Binkley

Claire & Mike Bjork

Sarah Blair

Patrice Blanchard

Kathleen Blandford *

Gabrielle Blood

Laura Bloomenkranz

Linda & Ron Bodien *

Gary & Tami Boehlke *

Mary Anne & Cyril Bohne

Catherine Bonnard Sullivan &
Tom Sullivan *

Amy L. Bonomie

Kathy Borkowski

Brenda & Merrill Bormann

Pris Boroniec

Paul Boutwell & Berdell Nielson *

Sally Bowers & Howard Fenton *

Sue & Charles Bradley *

Margaret Brady

Maureen Brady

Judith & William Braham *

Ben Brassfield

Tom Braunger *

Joan Brock

Cathy & Steven Brodbeck

Carroll & Larry Bross

Stefanie & Onno Brouwer *

Mary Brown *

Gerry & Don Brown

Tisha Brown

Sandra Brown Michalski

Linda & Robert Bruck *

Nancy Bubier

Karla Bukstein

Michelle & Eric Bunch

Nancy Burke

Burse Surveying and Engineering, Inc.

Jerry Buss

David Butler & Elaine Butler

Mary & David Butterfield

Linda Calkins

Abigail Cantor

Valerie & Tony Cappozzo *

Diane Caspari

Sherry & Douglas Caves

Karen Cherry

Chicago Community Foundation

Mary Cirilli & David Jahr

Barbara Clark

Jim Clay

Lynne Cleeland

Michael Clement

Carol Cloutier *

Reverend Elaine Clyborne Barber

Janice & Dennis Collier *

Judy Collins *

Sandra Collins *

Sheila Collopy & John Young

Michael Coogan &
Sharon Darrah Coogan

Louie Cornelius

Cathy Cornell & Paul Knitter

Reverend Tom &
Mrs Stephanie Corum

Jim & Joanne Costello

Rev Marianne Cotter &
Mr James Cotter

Susan Cotter

Frank Court

Robert & Gina Cowell

Marie & Mike Crawford *

Joan Crawford

Helen and Gary Crevier

Rev Dennis Crowley #

Ms Jody Crowley Beers &
Reverend Bill Beers *

Catherine Cruickshank

Marijane Curry

Carol Curtis

Mary Danaher

Jean Daoud

Jennifer Dargan

Peg Davey & Tom Zanzig *

Judith & Bill Davis *

Jack & Mary Davison *

Reverend Timothy Dean &
Mrs Susan Hagness

Kate Delaney Jolin & James Jolin

Dr. Dorothy Delisle & Shawn Pompe *

Jean & Victor Delisle *

Deborah DeManno

Charlene Denys

Diane Derouen & Glenn Chambliss

Julie Derwinski & Marc Rosenthal

Jeannine & Edouard Desautels

Hope Deutscher

Frederick Devett

Bill Diederich & Jim Green (+) * #

Stephen Dinehart

Paula & Bob Dinndorf

Laurel & Charles Doherty

Patricia Donahue

Dee Donnelly & Mr William McGrath

Patricia Donovan

Judith Doran

Elaine Dorn

Hildegard Dorrer *

Jan & Griff Dorschel

Betsy Draine & Michael Hinden

Helen Drobniak

DRS Ltd. Asphalt Paving

Corinne & Brian D’Silva *

John Duffy

Brent Duhr

Barbara Dull

Nancy Dunham

Delfa Dunlap

Patricia Dwight

Lavon Dzingle

Lloyd & Patrick Eagan

Kerman Eckes

Jean Edens

Janine Edwards

Carol & Barry Eichinger *

Jay Ekleberry

Judy & Jack Ellickson *

Rita & Ed Emmenegger *

Sara Jo Emmerich

Nancy Hutchison Enderle

Marcy Endres

Ron Endres & Sheila Endres

Finn Enke

Mary Ann Erdtmann

Alice & Dave Erickson *

Betty Evanson

Johanna Fabke *

Shirley Fagan

Patricia Fahrenkrug

Amy Fallon *

Marian Farrior

Colleen & Bill Feist *

Matthew Felgus

Roberta Felker *

Jean Feraca *

Margie Ferstl

Heather Field

Celia Fine

Jack & Janet Finney *

Leslie Fischer

Catherine Fisher

David Fisher

Sheila Fitzgerald OP

Jeanne Flood

Rev. Dr. Jerry & Mrs. Kathy Folk *

Lisette Fonder

Jim Forrest

Forrest Piano Service

Gerri Framburg *

Helene & Roland Frank

Holly Frank

Kay & Matt Frank

Renee Frank

Martha Frey

Lynnette & Foster Friess

Nichole Fromm & JonMichael Rasmus

Lisa Fromm-Sarto & Gloria Sarto

Kathy Gale

Ellen Geishirt *

Marcia Getto

Tony & Sarah Gibart

Miss Susan-Ellen Gilmont *

David Gilner

Jane & Ollie Ginther *

Tom Glaser

Michelle Gleeson

Stephanie Gnewuch

Jane Gogan & Gordon Hamnett *

Janice Golay

Regina Golding

Kathy Gomez

Daniel Gomez-Ibanez &
Ginny Swisher

Louise Googins *

Julie Goplin & Dale Peterson *

Mary Gordon *

Ingrid Gordon

Toby Grabs & Jennifer Kobylecky

Matthew Grade

Judy Grady

Cindy Graham

Carol & Brian Grannon

Rev. Sonny Graves & Elliot Tebbe

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Claudia Greco

Karen Rose Gredler

Laura Green

Laura & Franz Green

Lisa Gribowski-Smith

Christina Gringeri &
Armando Solorzano

Diana Grove & Joseph Krupp

Bette Grover *

Linda Growney

Melinda Gustafson Gervasi

Judi & Doug Haag

Terry & Rich Haag

Nancy Hair *

Ann & Daniel Halbach *

Cassandra & Ryan Hall

Gina & Craig Hallbauer

Mary Hampton

Kathryn Hankard

John Hanrahan

Sherri Hansen *

Carol Hansen

Mark & Janis Hanson *

Judith Hanson

Don Harkness

Carolyn Harris

Katie Harrison

Paul Harrison

Colleen & Kent Hartung *

Breianna Hasenzahl-Reeder &
Russ Faulkner

Hathaway Hasler

Diane & Rod Hassett

Mary Jon & Tom Hauge *

The Revs. Heidi Haverkamp &
Adam Frieberg *

Steve & Susan Hawk *

Geralyn Hawkins

Dr Margaret Healy

Reverend Al Heggen &
Mrs Helen Christiansen *

Barbara Heidecke

Nancy & Jack Heiden

Keith Heimforth *

Katie & Thomas Heinen

Lila Hemlin *

Georgiana Hernandez

Patricia & Mark Herrling *

Kathy & Neil Heskin

Lars Higdon

High Wind Association, Inc

Loretta Himmelsbach

Christine & Patrick Hines

Michael Hines

Bernie & Mitzi Hlavac

Mary Hoddy *

Mary Hoefferle

Peter Hoff & Paul Patenaude *

Ann & David Hoffmann

Kim Hogan

Susan Hogg

Rita & Ernie Hohlstein

Mick & Jeamie Holm

Donald Holmen

Jane & Steven Holtzman

Reverend Stephen Honeygosky

Greg Hottman

Nancy Howe & Thomas Sherfinski

Jason & Angelina Huett

Ann Huggett *

Mike & Rosie Hughes *

Anne Hunnex

Dr Kathleen & Reverend David Hurty

Mary & Robert Hutchens

Kelley Hutchison-Maravilla &
Eric Maravilla

Peggy Hutnik

Shari & Jim Intagliata

Reverend Joseph Jackson

Marsha Janota

David Jarecki *

Paula & Dan Jarzemsky

Monica & Andrew Jefcoat

Jerome & Christine Jendrisak

Pastor Patty Jenkins

Alice Jenson * #

Everline Jeruto

Louise Johnson & Dick Russo *

Pamela Johnson *

Alta Johnson

David Johnson

Dean and Julia Johnson

Deborah Johnson

Terry  Jones *

Cathy Jones

Collette Jones

Margi Jones

Joseph & Catherine Johnson
Family Foundation

Suman Joshi

Ellen Joyce

Chris Junkins *

John Kalson

Janet & Michael Kane

Carol & Dick Karls

Diana Karls

Mary Ellen Kearney

Nancy Keiser

Ilene Kelfer & Peter Lodde

Lynn Keller

Mary Jane Kelley

Mary Ellen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly Shanovich &
Ronald Shanovich *

Ellengray & Charles Kennedy

Walt Keough & Gloria Green *

Tim Kessenich

Suzanne & Steve Kilkus

Sue Killips

Alice Kissling & Morris Sadicario

Alan and Ann Klonowski

Warren Kmiec

Rev Linda Knieriemen

Mrs Vicky & Dr Bill Knoedler *

Mary & Frank Koczan

Susan Koehne

Kenny Kohberger *

Sue Koleczek

Joan Kollasch & Kurt Hohmeister *

Dee Kollasch

Lois Komai

Constance Koopmans *

Kovitz Investment
Group Partners, LLC

Mark Kraemer

Joanna Kramer Fanney *

Marcia Krater *

Katie Krebs & Chris Morton

Harold (+) & Rita Kreitz (+) #

Mary & Ray Kremer

Carole Kretschman *

Michael & Hailey Krueger

Jeff Kuchenbecker

Polly & Jim Kuelbs *

Meg & Richard LaBrie*

Jo Ann Lagman

Carmen Lago

Annette Laing & Bryan Ogihara

Don Lamb

Carl Landsness (+)

Ms M Sharon Lane

Melba Lara

Sue & Terry Larson *

Kathleen Larson

Marie Laubenthal

The Reverend Paula Lawrence Wehmiller &
Prof John Wehmiller

Joan Leannah-Brumm

Sheila Leary & Thomas Bellavia

Patricia LeFevere

Sharon Leinen

Carl Lekan

Deborah LeMaster

Lynn Lemberger & Vicki Clark *

Allen Lenzen

Elsa Leverington

Laura Lewandowski

Joan & Allen Liegel *

Sharon Lindner

Jean Lindsay

Shirley Liska

Sally Lister

Roland Littlewood

Stacy & Tom Littrell

Efrat Livny

Phyllis Lobdell * #

Julie Loehrl

Karen Lohmeyer *

Judith Loizzo (+)

David Lonsdorf

Abbie Loomis *

Ruth Lotter

Jan Lottig & Drew Howick *

Judy & Dick Loveless

Marilynn & Jim Loving

Stephanie & Lawrence Lowden

Renee Lower

Peg Luby *

David Lucey

Joan Lundin

Reverend Brad Lutz *

Mary & Jeff Lynch

Bruce & Jan Maas

Pat Maddox & Jim Waeffler

Madison Community Foundation

Madison Vipassana Inc

Norma & Doug Madsen * #

Dr Gary Maier *

Al & Karen Majkrzak *

Fay & D.C. Maki

Nell Mally *

Mary Manering & Dennis Tande *

Will Mann

Karen Manning & Daniel Uhlrich *

Sylvia Marek *

Lynne Marek

Reverends Melissa & Paul Markquart

Margaret Maroney *

Velma & Karl Marquardt

Jeanne Marquis *

Peter Marshall

Cheryl Martin

Leslie Martin

George & Maryann Martin

Patricia Martini

Linda Mastaglio

John & Barbara Matthews

Rhonda Matthias

Kathy McAlister

Carin McClain

Sally & Thomas McCoy *

Michel & Patrick McGettigan *

Car McGinley *

Terry McGinley

Hildy McGown

Alison & David McKee

Paula & Rod McKenzie

Sister Regina McKillip

Karen McKim & Keith Nelson

Charles McLimans &
Richard Merrion *

Julie & Jerry McLimans

Melanie & Ed McManus

Eileen McNamara *

Maia McNamara

Patricia & John Megan

Marylynne Mehl

Gordon and Kristy Meicher *

Meicher CPAs *

Rebecca Meier-Rao & Sunil Rao *

Ron Meissen

Nancy Melin

Julie Melton *

Nancy Mengebier

Sharifa Merchant

Ann and Thomas Merfeld

Liz Merfeld

Eileen Mershart & Sarah Hole

Doris Metcalf *

Mary Metz

Shelley Metz

Teresa Meuer & Chris Luther

Dianne Meyer

Nancy Meyer

Giovanna Miceli Jeffries &
Thomas Jeffries *

Maureen Michael

Michael Michaels *

Anne Michaels

Ralph & Cathy Middlecamp

Ruth & Ed Mihevc

Mimi Millen

Donna Miller & Mary Kaye Radtke *

Brooke Miller

Dan & Susan Miller

Gay Miller

Janet Miller

Kathleen Mitchell

Barbara & Kevin Moeller

PC Moisan-Thomas *

Marjorie Monaghan

Monona Bank

Carla  Moore

Dale Morgan

Brooke Moriarty

Liz Morris

Colleen Mortell

Jeannene Mosely

Ann & David Moyer *

Carolyn Moynihan Bradt *

Barbara Mulhern

John Murphy

Katy Murphy & Steve Plachinski *

Liz Murray

Ann Myers

Sharon & Mark Nash *

Ray Nashold

Ruthanne & Dennis Neeser

Barbara & Henry Nehls-Lowe

Helene Nelson & James Arts *

Reverend Lisa Nelson *

Jayne Neuendorf &
Al Reichenberger * #

Janet Neurauter * #

New Hope in Wood, LLC

Carol Nickel

Jane Niebauer *

Mary Nielsen

Patricia Nielsen

Elizabeth & Ruprecht Nitschke

Marjorie Nixon *

Ms Judy Nolde &
Pastor Kenneth Smith * #

Reverend Laura Norby

Mathew Oakes

Jayne Oberle & Dan Roelke

Beth & Jerry O’Brien *

Sister Margaret O’Brien

Margaret O’Donoghue

Star & Raymond Olderman

Reverend Jon Olson * #

Pamela Olson & Jeff Wong

Rachel Olson

Trish O’Neil

Kathleen & Ned O’Reilly

Jennie Ott

Kathleen Otterson

Dolores Owen

Natalie Owen

Nurya Parish

Sara Parrell

Karen & Phillip Parrillo

Barbara Parsons *

Christine & Elaine Pasinski Thomas

Wayne & Jackie Pauly

Susan Payne

Phyllis (+) & Richard Pelkey (+) #

Bob Pellegrino & Gloria Boone *

Andrea Pence

Jim Penczykowski & Patti LaCross *

Mary Louise & Ed Peters *

Lou Ann Petersen-Noltner &
Edward Noltner *

Carla Peterson

Naomi Petravich

Jean Pfeifer

Jim Phalen

Kathleen Phelan OP

Anna Pidgeon & Volker Radeloff *

Mary Pierce

Rex Piercy

Laura Pinger

Diane Pittman & Lawrence Krantz *

Julia & Francis Pohlkamp

Cheryl Poliak

Nolan Pope

Diana Popowycz

Carol & Larry Poston

George Potaracke

Steven Powell * #

Jess Powell

Mark Powers

Josie Pradella

Linda & Bill Preboski *

Premier Retirement Partners

Aundrea Price

Nancy & Peter Priegel

Holly & Ronald Prince

Dean Proctor

Barb & George Pulvermacher *

David & Marian Quade *

Caroline Quinlan & John Dickerman

Pat Quinn-Casper & Michael Casper

Mary Kay Radtke *

Joan Raducha

Lynn Ramshaw

Frank Ranallo *

Peg Rasch *

Mary Rathert OP

Elaine D. K. Rattunde

Carol Raymond

William Rebello

Richard Rehm

Mrs Christine &
Reverend Glen Reichelderfer *

Janice Reinersman

Jeff Reinke

Ruth Reinl *

Joanne Reis *

Marjorie Rhine

Everett & Maureen Rice *

Sue Richards

Pamela Richardson

Cynthia Riggin

Elinor Riley & Ron Towle

Janice & Gregory Robbins

Theresa Roberts

Jane Robinson

Suzy Rockafellow

Karen and Robert Rodda

Celsa Rodriguez

Mary Ann Rose

Bill Rosholt & Ann Baltes *

Grace Rosholt

Carol Ross

Lindsey Rothrock

Pleasant Rowland *

Barbara Rowley

Marie Rugg

Mary Jo Runnoe

Dean Ryerson *

Claire Rynders

Shelley Safer & Neil Komesar

Carrie & David Sanders *

Nancy Sandleback

Ruth Saunders

Janice Schaefer

Elaine & Dennis Schenborn

Teresa Schiltz

Rev Karen Schlack

Phil Schleicher & Steve Schumacher *

Kathy Schlimgen & Bob Fillingame

Romilia & John Schlueter

Heather Lee Schmidt

Sandra & Warren Schmidt

Alicia & Dustin Schneider

Virginia Scholtz

Sue Schrieber

Linda Schubert & Edgar Francis *

Beth Schultz Byrnes

Sharon & James Schwarz

Betty Scott

Laurie Seifert

Diane & Jim Selinske

Richard & Denise Senn

Patti & Mike Sensenbrenner

Susan & John Shackelford

Tammy Shafer

Pastor Carol Shaffer &
Mr Otis Laurberg * #

Susan Shands

Cybelle Shattuck

Karen Shaw

Linda Shaw

Gail & Dan Shea *

Chris Shelton *

Norm & Jan Sheppard

Susan & Thomas Sheridan *

Nancy & Michael Shinners *

Maddie Shovers

Judith Siers-Poisson

Karen Sieverkropp

Wayne Sigelko & Nancy Didion *

Adele Sink

Sara Sirianni

Lise Skofronick *

Paul Slota & Nancy Thompson *

Nancy Smiegowski *

Diane & Neal Smith * #

Bob Smith *

Pat & Jay Smith *

Charlotte Smith

Christine Smith

Eileen Smith

Lynne Smith

Reverend Mike A Smith & Jie Wu

Patricia Smith

Sheryll & James Smith

Suzanne Smith

Pastor Patti Snickenberger

Snowflower Buddha Sangha

Dr. Pat Somers

Margaret Sommers *

Lorenzo Southall

Grant Sovern & Lara Sutherlin *

Peggy & Mike Spiewak

Mary Spike

St Benedict’s Monastery

Carla Staab

Ken Stancer

Mary Steckel

Nancy Steckel

Aggie Steichen *

Paige Steidinger

Rebecca Steiner

Cory Steinmetz

Kate Stel

Melanie Stepherson

Therese & Michael Stevens

Michael Stier *

Holly & Scott Stoner

Richard Stoughton

Adrienne Strehlow

Yvonne Stueber

Sharyn & Carl Stumpf

Pam Sulima *

Joan Sullivan *

Reverend Jan Summers *

Julie Swanson

Sheri Swokowski

Joy Szopinski & Kathy Waters *

Reverend Myron &
Mrs Margaret Talcott *

Kathy & Tom Tarpey *

Melanie Tavera

Mary Lou Taylor & Michael Goldstein

Theresa Tensuan-Eli

Pastor Mark Teslik

LaRynda Thoen

Lisa Thomas Prince

Nancy Thome

John Thompson *

Chris & Jon Todd *

Jeremy Todd

Susan Tolonen

Jeanie & Steve Tomasko *

Nancy & David Topp *

Town of Westport

Alison Townsend & Tom Umhoefer

Mary Trewartha

Mary Trier

Judy & Sal Troia *

Rev Dr Frederick & Mrs Louise Trost *

Joan Turner

Deborah & Patrick Turski

Dione & Dan Tyler

Lucinda Ughetti (+)

Cindy Uhrich

Mary Umberg Andrews &
Michael Andrews

Marilyn Unruh

William Urbrock

Taryn Valley

Maureen & John Van Dinter *

Gail Van Haren

Sandra & Thomas Vandervest

Elizabeth & David VanOrstrand

Ann & Michael Varda

Jane Vecchio

Valerie Vervoort

Janine Veto * #

Jen Voichick

Peg Volkmann

Voss Organics

Meena Vyas

John & Ramona Wade

Patricia Wafer

Dick Wagner *

Arlene Walgenbach *

Roleen Walgenbach *

Monica Walker *

Deborah Walker

Jennifer Walker

Nola Walker

Donald Waller

Vicki & Ken Warren

Judy Washbush

Marian Wasierski &
Pastor Ronald Ballew

Elizabeth Watson

Julia Weaver & Gilbert Richardson

Les & Jeannie Weber

Helen Weber-McReynolds

Sally Wedde

Rita Weiland

Bob Weiss *

Steve Weiss

Leora Weitzman

Donna Welbes (+) #

Jim Welsh

Paul A. Wertsch, M.D.

Kathleen Wessels *

Denise West

John & Sara Whalen (+) *

Beth Whitaker

Faye Whitaker

Lucy White

Tom Whitemarsh

Dr Joseph &
Mrs Louise Wiesenfarth *

Kristi & Roger Williams

Lynn Willkom

Pastor Barbara Wilson

Bethany Wilson & Roberto Osorio

Dorothy Wobbe

Joyce & Gary Wodka *

Ursula & Peter Woelfle

Sandy Wojtal-Weber *

Levi & Janet Wood

Laura Woodworth

Martha Worcester

Kathy Woytych *

Sister Mariel Wozniak *

Jim Wrich

Julie Wright

Rachel Yarger

Lois Yatzeck *

Mary Zaborski *

Betsy & Stuart Zadra *

Sue Ellen Zagrabelny

Mike & Sue Zaleski *

Lorraine Zampardi

Stacy Zanzig

Jeanne & Gene Zechmeister

Laurel & James Zimmerman

Jeanette Zissell

Anita Zurbrugg

Steve Zwettler & Barbara Brummer *


* Scholastica Sustainers (planned gift)
# Benedict Society (10 or more consecutive years of donating)
(+) Deceased