Aspirations & opportunities of Holy Wisdom Monastery


The “Listen, Imagine, Create” process in 2020 generated input from hundreds of stakeholders who identified strengths and named possible opportunities moving forward. This interconnected list offers a glimpse of an ideal future for what Holy Wisdom Monastery and the Community of Communities aspires to be.

We aspire to…

Be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality

We offer beauty, balance, stability, prayer in common, worship, contemplative silence and respect to all.

  • Reinforce the essential role of prayer and worship in developing the inner person
  • Develop greater community visibility
  • Be a center for personal transformation and empowerment in social justice, right relationships and ethical leadership
  • Embrace and expand the ecumenical/interfaith culture of the monastery
  • Form new generations in our shared Benedictine way of life

Achieve sustainability in all our essential resources,
so we will be here 100 years from now

  • Continue to be innovative, bold and courageous in our mission
  • Develop a future generation of monastic and lay leaders
  • Become operationally and environmentally sustainable
  • Cultivate broader contributions for all of the monastery’s essential resources
  • Create/provide organizational transparency
  • Maintain, enhance and expand the monastery’s facilities and property as necessary

Live ever more deeply into diversity,
inclusivity and equity, so that all may be one

  • Foster ecumenical and inter-faith contemplative dialogue
  • Advance the growth of multiculturalism in our community
  • Engage communities of color and youth in our mission
  • Explore barriers to participation

Expand the monastery without walls

  • Remove barriers to access our gifts
  • Develop a unified brand and communications messaging framework
  • Enhance and expand our virtually streamed offerings
  • Offer remote meeting/conferencing services
  • Build web-based prayer, work, study and listen resources
  • Foster dialogue and collaboration among the community of communities

Embrace our land as a spiritual resource

We share our outdoor spaces for individual, group, spiritual and ecological restoration, growth, healing, connection and learning.

  • Emphasize the interconnectedness of all creation
  • Increase access to outdoor spaces
  • Develop ongoing virtual connections to outdoor resources
  • Expand personal retreat options
  • Create new immersion experiences and engagement activities

Sharing a financial contribution to further the aspirations of the sisters and the community of communities will ripple for decades!  This is one of many ways to get involved and lift the mission, vision and values of our Holy Wisdom community.  Would you consider an extraordinary gift today?

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