Discernment and the Spiritual Life: Prayer, Mindfulness, and Community

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In the midst of life’s mysteries and difficulties, the process of sorting through our feelings, experiences, and choices can be challenging. How do we make those choices? What is discernment? How is discernment practiced within the spiritual life? Gaining insights from such stories as Jesus’ temptation in the Gospel of Luke and others, we will explore these questions as we experience the process of discernment through lectio divina (divine reading), contemplative prayer, community, and mindfulness. Lunch is included. Dr. Andre B. Heuer  D. Min. LICSW has supported and challenged individuals for 40 years as a psychotherapist, educator, and pastoral minister working …

Sister Rosy after first profession and in the garden

Becoming a Sister – Rosy

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“So, do you go by ‘sister’ now?” The question never fails to pulls me up short, hesitating. In the uncomfortable silence that ensues, I wrestle internally to come up with an accurate response. My first profession was over 9 months ago, so the answer is technically yes. But the truth is more complex. The question touches an emerging part of my identity that is still feeling its way into the world. I struggle to introduce myself as “Sister Rosy” without pinching myself in disbelief. Whose life is this?  What’s in a name? First profession marks an important transition from the …

Sisters Joanne and Mary David, Paz and Sister Lynne gathered for conversation around the table.

Discerning a future, new life

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Note: Following the Benedictine Sojourner experience, a woman may choose to return to her previous life-setting, taking all she has learned back with her, or she may choose to begin a process of discernment with our community to see if she may be called to community life with us. Paz has expressed the desire to begin this process of discernment with the sisters. She has chosen to share her thoughts about this transition in this blog post. It is important for a woman in discernment to be free to hear God’s call in her life. We invite your support for …

Sisters Joanne and Mary David, Paz and Sister Lynne gathered for conversation around the table.

Discerniendo el futuro, una nueva vida

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Nota: Después de la experiencia de Sojourner Benedictina, una mujer puede elegir regresar a su anterior forma de vida, llevando consigo todo lo nuevo que ha aprendido, o ella puede optar por iniciar un proceso de discernimiento con nuestra comunidad para ver si ha sido llamada a la vida en comunidad. Paz ha expresado el deseo de iniciar este proceso de discernimiento con las hermanas. Ella ha decidido compartir sus pensamientos acerca de esta transición en este blog. Es importante para una mujer en discernimiento tener la libertad para escuchar el llamado de Dios en su vida. Los invitamos a …

The Benedictine way of discernment

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Discernment is a process of making a decision or finding direction in one’s life. At its very heart, discernment is a conversation – with God, with friends, with spiritual mentors and guides – a conversation which leads to more clarity about God’s call for you. Discernment brings into focus one’s deepest life questions: What is the purpose of my life? With whom do I want to live and how will I express my love? How can I use my gifts and talents and whom do I want to serve? Benedict’s emphasis in discernment is on listening with both the head …