Mary David Walgenbach, OSB in the New York Times today: If I Were President …

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Mary David Walgenbach, OSBHave you ever wondered what Holy Wisdom Monastery’s prioress, Mary David Walgenbach, OSB, would do if she were president?  Now you can find out, courtesy of the “If I Were President …” piece in today’s Sunday Review of the New York Times. Click here to visit their site and then click on Mary David’s photo.

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  1. Greetings to the Holy Wisdom Monastery,

    I am contacting you to say how much I appreciated reading the insightful, courageous, and deeply humane comment in the New York Times yesterday by Sister Mary David Walgenbach (If I Was President). I am voting for you and am sharing the link with my friends and colleagues. As the founder of the new grassroots peace movement, Peace Through Pie, I wholeheartedly agree with your wise and timely suggestions. It would be an honor to meet you some day! With appreciation and respect, Luanne Stovall

  2. Of course, I’d vote for you! What you propose are programs to enable real progress in people’s lives. That is what running a great nation is all about. Isn’t it?
    Congratulations on your 50 years of service offering so much wisdom to the community and enriching the lives of young people.

  3. Al and I thought this was really a “hoot.” Mary David, your piece was the best–the most straight-forward and the most beneficial for our country. When does your Exploration Committee meet? We think you’re right on. Al and Joanne

  4. Dear Sister Mary David,

    Thank you very much for your wise comments in yesterday’s NY Times in answer to the question of what you would do “If I were President…”

    The agenda you laid out, coincides precisely with ours.

    The entire Peace Corps budget for the past five years, $7.8 billion equals five days of defense department spending this year alone.

    We need to have our country discuss what our priorities truly are. Given current budget allocations, the world rightly sees that the U.S. is much more about war than it is about peace, not to mention investing in our children, young people and the environment.

    With gratitude for your sagacious advice.


    Kevin Francis Flaherty Quigley (Thailand 76-79)
    The National Peace Corps Association

  5. Dear Sister Mary,

    As a retired Capitol Hill broadcast journalist and an ex-official of the Peace Corps your New York Times “If I were President” policy suggestion is the correct dynamic for the selfish, special-interest controlled 500+ members of Congress.

    And, putting children first by reordering budget defense priorities and educating children out of poverty is what is needed to revitalize our society.

    Blessings to you,

    Richard Brasie
    CBS News, Capitol Hill Correspondent (Retired)
    Wilmington, NC

  6. Sister Mary David,

    If the offer is still on, I will be co-president with you, but you would be the brains of the co-presidency, and I think you could do it on your own. Truly timely and to the point. Full of wisdom, and I pray that someone will DO IT.

    Tom Corum

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