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‘Advent & The O Antiphons,’ The Holy Wisdom Podcast

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December summons feelings of tradition and familiarity for many of us. In some faiths, this includes the preparation for Christmas known as Advent, and the singing of the O Antiphons.

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In this episode, we have Sister Lynne Smith and Holy Wisdom Monastery’s own Director of Worship and Music, Lynn Lemberger. Join us to learn about these traditions and how we might be able to honor their meanings in our own lives.

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  1. Thanks, Brooke, Sr. Lynne and Lynn for the very interesting and informative podcast on Advent and the O Antiphons! I didn’t know the history of the O Antiphons! And, as with many seasons of the church year, Advent is filled with such rich symbolism, which, for me, makes it so fulfilling and meaningful!

  2. The conversation was so interesting and heartening. I have a much better appreciation of this season now, especially in the year 2020! Thank you.

  3. Thank you Lynne, Lynn and Brooke for taking the time and effort to present this interesting background information on O antiphons. It is so interesting to hear how the traditions of the early church are still meaningful today. Perfect for Advent preparation.

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