A New Song

Holy Wisdom Monastery Poetry 4 Comments

Out here you listen to bells   rain   birdsong
you listen to snow falling in the pinewoods
hum of bees in the tall prairie flowers
footsteps, footsteps walking to prayer.

Wind rustles a field of big bluestem,
a heron cuts across the sky—
there is a pulse in everything ordinary;
a rhythm to the hours;
night and day and night and day;
there are hints, everywhere, of Presence.

Out here the ear of the heart opens
to wisdom: live close to the earth,
care for the land, order your days
by the seasons.

Out here the ear of the heart opens
to holiness: not something shining and unreachable,
not an other-worldly-white—but, what happens
after breaking:

like bread   broken   passed
seed sown
the heart breaking again into its infinite capacity;

like this ground   blessed   then broken—
a mess of dirt, steel, bricks, pipe
now, this graceful space, full of light,
the work of hands coming together
to shape a vision three women dared;

a community of welcome, prayer, justice
a hope that all may be one
a yearning that an old, old rhythm
will wend its way, out here, into a bold new song.

~ Jeanie Tomasko
written in honor of the dedication of Holy Wisdom Monastery
November 15, 2009

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  1. Thanks so much for your beautiful poem, Jeanie! It is so calming and hope-filled – perfect for meditation! Thank you for sharing!

    Hope you and your family are staying safe and well!

  2. I love this union of Jeanie’s poem and Sandy’s photos. Both are soulful. Thank you to you both. The words are reminder of what we are. The photos tell a beautiful story. Hearing the bells gives me hope for the time when we can all be together as one.

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