The Genesis of the Sonata Art Exhibit

Mike Sweitzer-Beckman Benedictine Bridge, Main, Poetry Leave a Comment

Our Sonata exhibit artists gather to proof and critique each other’s work (L-R: Gregory Bleck, Donna Carnes, Blair Mathews, Kent Sweitzer) Last autumn, I discovered that one of our neighbors and biggest fans, Donna Carnes, was involved with an art exhibit at the Pyle Center on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. The exhibit featured her poetry, paired with poetic works by Blair Mathews, matched up with watercolor paintings by a local artist. I had never met Blair before, but quickly discovered that he is well-known in various circles at the university through his career as a fitness instructor and poet, …

In Winter Stillness

Michael Belongie Poetry Leave a Comment

Barren of leaves, the oaks, maples and elms offer capillary silhouettes on the horizon. In winter stillness. the saps, although sluggish, are accruing resolve for budding. Starkness of the trunks and limbs broach extravagance, both symmetry and asymmetry, in this cold and contrast. The rooting ball in each anchors these crowns, laid bare; we are to stay the course. Michael Belongie has dedicated his fifth collection of 52 poems, Now is All We Have, to Benedictine Women of Madison. Michael and his wife, Jane, have donated the proceeds from the book to the new monastery building at Holy Wisdom Monastery. 

A New Song

Holy Wisdom Monastery Poetry 4 Comments

Out here you listen to bells   rain   birdsong you listen to snow falling in the pinewoods hum of bees in the tall prairie flowers footsteps, footsteps walking to prayer. Wind rustles a field of big bluestem, a heron cuts across the sky— there is a pulse in everything ordinary; a rhythm to the hours; night and day and night and day; there are hints, everywhere, of Presence. Out here the ear of the heart opens to wisdom: live close to the earth, care for the land, order your days by the seasons. Out here the ear of the …