What Shall I Do With My Life?

Lynne Smith, OSB Living in Community, Monastic Life, Spiritual Guidance, Women Exploring Community Leave a Comment

Many people come to the monastery with that question on their hearts. Whether they are about to graduate from school, make a career change, are pondering a significant relationship or a possible call to religious community, the question is the same. “How do I decide what to do?”

Intuitively, they sense that coming to the monastery can help them discern their life choice. Their intuition is correct. Monasteries have a long tradition of helping people discern how God is active in their lives. Discernment is becoming a more common word these days though what it involves still remains a mystery to many people.

At Holy Wisdom Monastery, guests seeking to discern God’s voice find stillness to “listen with the ear of their hearts.” Here they can explore their motivations and become aware of their deepest desires, fears and resistance. In the silence they can pray and encounter the God who “know[s] the plans I have for you…plans for your welfare and not for woe” (Jer. 29:11). This is all a part of the discernment process – coming to a deep knowledge of oneself and of God.

Meeting with a spiritual guide or companion can help people  in discernment listen to their life, sort out their motivations and come to an  inner freedom from which to make their decision. Some people might walk in the  prairie, dance or sing their way into clarity.

If your heart is asking “What shall I do with my life?” we invite you to come to Holy Wisdom Monastery to get in touch with yourself and the God who loves you. Come pray, talk, cry, walk, draw, write, imagine and listen for the plans God has for you.

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