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2014-Oblates-and-sistersThe 2014 oblate class with the sisters. Front row (l-r): Nancy Schubert, Heidi Haverkamp, Cindy Urich, Jane Ayer, Amy Fallon, Laura Woodworth. Back row (l-r): Lynne Smith, OSB, Joe Schubert, Ron Ballew, Marian Wasierski, Ellen Joyce, Jill Graybill, Joanne Kollasch, OSB, Jennifer Dobson, Mary David Walgenbach, OSB.At evening prayer on Saturday, April 26, 2014, the assembly room in the monastery resounded with song, Scripture and affirmation as the sisters and oblate community received the promises of twelve new oblates. In this special service, held once each year, the oblate candidates come forward to receive their oblate pin from Sister Mary David Walgenbach and sign the Oblate Profession document that reads:

We choose to become Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery.
We commit ourselves to join with this oblate community,
to follow the Rule of Saint Benedict and to live it according to our personal rules

Each new oblate stands before the assembly of oblates, sisters and guests to receive the affirmation of the oblate community:

“(Name), we honor your decision and we promise to journey with you.”

Later in the service all of the current oblates who are present stand to reaffirm their commitment as Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery.
Earlier, at the beginning of the oblate retreat weekend, each oblate candidate also shared her or his spiritual rule with the sisters’ community and the other members of their oblate class. This marks the culmination of their year of candidacy, a time when they reflect on Benedictine values and how they choose to live them in their daily lives.

The sisters and oblate community also welcomed seven new oblate candidates during the weekend. Heather Schmidt Albinger, Carroll Bross, Collette Jones (beginning in July), Alex Veidt Law, Liz Morris, Karen Reed, Monica Walker, and Liz Windsor Engnel began their year-long formation in Benedictine values with this retreat.

On Sunday morning we also welcomed 30 new members to the Sunday Assembly. At the end of worship the new assembly members present were invited to introduce themselves and speak about what brought them to the monastery, a first step in bringing us all into closer community with each other. Altogether, this was a celebratory weekend and we are pleased to see the growth in these two communities that share the mission and vision of the sisters.

Contact Sister Lynne Smith, lwsmith@benedictinewomen.org,
608-831-9305, if you have questions about the oblate community at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

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