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Pat-Hobbins-Kempsby Pat Hobbins Kemps, Sunday Assembly member

Holy Wisdom is a spiritual community; I gain so much from being part of it. But, it can never be an end itself. Jesus calls us to go out among the people—the larger community.  Once nourished, as we are each week in the Sunday Assembly, we are asked by God to share God’s peace, love and non-judgmental acceptance.

Often in our busy day some folks drift right by us unnoticed:

Why is he so sad—this man who walks past my house each day with his companion, a black lab …

Donny’s gone, no longer works here. Great mechanic, you could always count on him to get it right and never overcharge. The owner sold the shop—Donny didn’t fit in with the new owner, so he had to go—it’s just business…

A black man, imprisoned for 20 years, finds freedom through the Innocents’ Project. Yet he finds himself sequestered far from home—no job; no love, no place to call his own, imprisoned still…

There is good and bad. God calls us to work toward the good, and my spiritual community reminds me to never be frustrated that something is useless or too big—I can make a difference. We’re part of the process, moving toward the solution. Even though we may never fully attain it, we all remain on the journey toward the good. In Sunday Assembly we are nourished and strengthened each week so we can go out and make a difference, with God’s help

My granddaughter swirls round and round in her First Communion dress, so happy to be alive. “My grandma made my dress and my veil and she can cook, too!”  I remind her that receiving Jesus is what’s most important—she smiles and spins on…


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