Stilling the wandering heart

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Our Women’s Lenten Lunch speaker today, Carole Kretschman, focused on stability, balance and silence – opening the door to “stilling the wandering heart” (Joan Chittister) enough to make space for God.

Carole helped us explore monastic stability in light of these thoughts from Jan Richardson, In the Sanctuary of Women:

The monastic vow of stability recognizes that in committing ourselves to a particular place and staying rooted despite changes around and within us, we grow in a way that is different than if we are constantly on the move.

Carole invited us to develop a sense of stability that might be experienced as steadfastness, clear-seeing or seeing without self-deception, taking time to feel our feelings, to live in the present moment.

So that we might begin to experience a sense of stability, balance and silence, Carol led us through a time of centering prayer/silent meditation. Sharing in a time of extended silence within a large group is a powerful experience!

And finally, Carole left us with this blessing:

May you find the practices that offer you a doorway into the Heart of God.

Thank you, Carole.

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