Sojourners and sisters look ahead to transitions 

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Sister Joanne Kollasch (2nd from left) shares a story with sojourners Denise West (far left)
and Paz Vital (2nd from right) and Sisters Mary David Walgenbach (center) and Lynne Smith (far right).


Our sojourners, Denise West and Paz Vital, are nearing the completion of their six months with us. They have come together in community and learned community living skills. They have entered whole-heartedly into the monastic rhythm of prayer, meals, work, study and leisure and have developed a balanced way of living for themselves. They have contributed to the mission and ministry of the monastery through their participation in the Liturgy of the Hours, their work in the kitchen and in housekeeping, on the grounds, in communications and elsewhere. As they complete their sojourner time here, they have many new skills to take back into their lives. The sojourners and sisters have had a mutually enriching experience.

During the sojourner classes we are beginning to discuss transitions again. In the fall we explored the transition to the monastic rhythm and community life. Now we are looking at what the transition will mean as they complete their six months with us.

Denise will be with us through Easter before she returns to the next step on her journey. Her participation and reflection at the monastery have brought her to a desire to be baptized before she leaves. We look forward to celebrating this sacrament with her at the Easter vigil. In March we will let you know the date of her leaving.

Paz has expressed the desire to discern with the sisters to see if she may be called to community life with us. We have agreed to enter into discernment with her beginning in April. So Paz will be with us for at least a couple more months. We will see where the discernment takes us. We know you will be excited to know this. It is important for a woman in discernment to be free to hear God’s call in her life. So you can support Paz by praying for her and our community as we discern and by refraining from pressuring her with questions.

If you know a single woman who might be interested, let her know about this opportunity or have her contact Sister Lynne Smith at, 608-831-9305.

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