Scripture in the Rule of Benedict and Benedictine Tradition

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Sister Lynne praying with the communityOne of the things that resonated with me when I began exploring community life at Holy Wisdom Monastery was the focus on Scripture that is so much a part of Benedictine life. The Rule of Benedict includes more than 300 quotations or allusions to Scripture — so many that some have described the Rule as the fruit of Benedict’s lectio on Scripture. Communally, we pray all the Psalms over a five-week period at the Liturgy of the Hours and read through the Bible at least once every two years. In addition to what we read in communal prayer, we also read and pray with Scripture during our individual lectio. This emphasis on Scripture is one of the ecumenical aspects of Benedictine life that appeals to all Christians regardless of denomination.

For more information about lectio divina, read Mary Lynn Adams’ blog post: The Art and Practice of Lectio Divina.

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