Scripture Commentary for May 15, 2016

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Acts 2: 1 – 21

Today we return to the opening parts of Acts. The twelve disciples, including Matthias, elected to replace Judas, have witnessed the assumption of Jesus into heaven. They have gathered, one supposes, to ponder what they should do next. What an answer! Tongues of fire, not even mediated by an angel, a fiery Holy Spirit sent directly from God light upon each “Apostles.” The word means “one sent upon a mission.” God as imbued them with the Holy Spirit which they must pass on to others. It is the beginning of the Church, or rather, of the apostolic Church. In the anti-apostolic Congregational Church of my youth, the twelve never were referred as apostles, but always as disciples. The new miraculous abilities received by twelve simple Galileans are immediately demonstrated by their speaking in twelve tongues heretofore unknown to them. Then Peter the fisherman preaches a stunning sermon to a gathered crowd (we hear only part) telling them that Jesus, whom they crucified, was and is the Messiah and lives as our Lord.



Romans 8: 14-17

These are confronting words, that we who can address God as “Abba,” meaning something like “Daddy,” are indeed his children, but they are encased in harsher terms. Paul has just said (not included in our reading), “if you live according to the flesh, you will die.” And he concludes the comforting words with a proviso that you suffer with Christ. Clearly, one doesn’t just relax into the role of God’s children.



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