Scripture Commentary for March 23, 2014 by Arthur H. Cash

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Exodus 17:1-7

In fleeing from Egypt, the Israelites have to cross a vast desert named Sin (no allegory intended: it is just a name). They came to what they thought was an oasis of Rephidim, but it had gone dry. Now at their first difficulty they demeand to know whether God is with them or not? Moses does not produce water for them, so they think God passed the test. But it is sinful to test God. Moses names the place Massah, meaning “challenge,” and Meribah, meaning “dispute.”


Romans 5:1-11

Paul continues to explain justification, that is, forgiveness and acceptance by God. The grace of justification for us has been given by Christ who died for sinners. Being justified by his blood, we are shielded from God’s wrath. Paul’s idea became the most fundamental doctrine of Christianity



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