Scripture Commentary for February 14, 2016

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Deuteronomy 26: 1-11

When we think of the ancient Jewish cult worship in the Temple, we think first of animal sacrifice, ignoring the numerous rites in which grain or fruit are offered. It seems to me that the animal sacrifices were the more important to the believers. As you may remember, Cain killed Abel because God was more pleased with Abel’s animal offering than Cain’s offering of grain. Nevertheless, in the passage we here today, Moses instructs the Israelites how to celebrate the harvest in a new day, the festival of Weeks. And of course the offering at the Temple during that celebration is taken from that harvest.



Romans 10: 8b- 13

A major theme of Paul’s epistle to the Romans is salvation through faith. Again and again he cites the belief in the resurrection as a test of faith. One cannot believe in the resurrection rationally. It is beyond reason. Belief must come from the heart. Everyone who has that belief will be saved.


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