The Moment is Fleeting—Sandy Wojtal-Weber

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Reflections on ice

See the beauty in ordinary things at the upcoming art exhibit The Moment is Fleeting featuring photos like this by Sandy Wojtal-Weber on display at Holy Wisdom Monastery from May 6-July 29, 2016.

“All of us have an innate ability to be present in the moment—before our thinking mind gets involved,” says fine arts photographer and clinical social worker Sandy Wojtal-Weber as she explains the process of taking the photos featured in the upcoming art exhibit at Holy Wisdom Monastery. The photos displayed are of first perceptions—beauty found in ordinary things.

Sandy started her adult life in a religious community for four years, teaching in a parish, but left the community and went back to school in social work. She worked in inner city Chicago for eight years, while earning a graduate degree in social work. After she married, she moved to Wisconsin and worked in Milwaukee in private practice for seven years, but was unable to find full time work. She moved to Madison, returned to school and earned a degree in commercial photography. She worked as a photographer for about 15 years, but missed social work. So Sandy decided to combine her social work and photography skills and created the On the Borderline Project for middle school girls to learn photography skills and help develop positive self-esteem. Sandy currently teaches Photography as a Contemplative Practice for the UW Health Mindfulness Program. She is also training with photographer Michael Wood in Boulder, Colorado in the photography practice called Miksang©.

Sandy started coming to Holy Wisdom 18 years ago for worship and hasn’t left. She is a member of Sunday Assembly, participates with the Luke House ministry, was the first chair of the Sunday Assembly Council, volunteers her professional skills by taking photos for the sisters at worship and special events and served on the liturgy committee for 10 years. Sandy currently leads the monthly Taizé Prayer, a rich contrast of silence and singing, held usually the last Friday of each month, October through April from 7:30-9:00 pm in the monastery oratory.

Holy Wisdom Monastery is excited to feature Sandy’s photography in an art exhibit called The Moment is Fleeting from May 6-July 29, 2016. This exhibit is a portfolio of a contemplative photography practice known as *Miksang, a Tibetan word for “Good Eye.” The visual images in the exhibit are everyday happenings. They are not “pre-arranged” but rather discovered moments of the artist’s experience of “Good Eye,” gifts, first perceptions of a first connection with the visual world. The opening reception will be on Friday, May 6, 2016 from 5:00-8:00 pmand includes refreshments and a brief reflection by Sandy at 6:15 pm. This reception is part of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Spring Gallery Night. All are welcome to come and enjoy the exhibit and meet Sandy.

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