Midday Prayer in Community

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The Liturgy of the Hours is a practice that forms the rhythm of our daily life as Benedictine sisters. As a community we gather for Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer. All are welcome to join us during any of these times of prayer.

Midday prayer always includes a non-scripture reading for meditation as well as a reading from the Gospels. We have most recently been reading selections from The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living, excerpts from the works of Father Thomas Keating, compiled by S. Stephanie Iachetta. The readings are usually short, but full of substance for contemplation.

In July we read from The Breath of the Soul, Reflections on Prayer, by Joan Chittister, OSB. This is a small gem of insights into “the attitudes that prepare us for prayer,” gleaned from Sister Joan’s life of prayer within her Benedictine community. More food for the soul.

We also celebrate special days of Commemoration on the liturgical calendar at Midday Prayer. October 15 marks the Commemoration of Teresa of Avila, a contemplative who was a prolific writer, perhaps best known for The Interior Castle. I have recently discovered the following lines she wrote which speak to me in times of discernment:

I am yours because you created me,
yours because you redeemed me,
yours because you supported me,
yours because you called me,
yours because you waited for me.
I am yours because I was not lost.
What do you want to do with me?
– Teresa of Avila

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