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Estate "The Tree Care Specialists" remove a large tree hanging over the hermitages in June, 2012.

Estate “The Tree Care Specialists” remove a large tree hanging over the hermitages in June, 2012.

For the third time, the Sauk City-based company Estate “The Tree Care Specialists” sent members of their staff out here to do some paid and donated work to help remove unwanted trees on the property.

Periodically, it becomes important to remove trees that have died or non-native trees that don’t fit into the prairie landscaping at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

“Estate is so helpful in providing professional services to remove trees that we don’t have the staff and volunteer capacity to remove,” says monastery groundskeeper Paul Boutwell. “I appreciate their donated labor and professional expertise.”

This past March 12, several staff from Estate were here to remove a dead red oak by the parking lot for the hermitages. They also removed a couple of white oaks on the property that were showing some injury and decay.

We are grateful for the continued support of Estate “The Tree Care Specialists” and all their staff who help provide this specialized, in-kind work.

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