In praise of celebration

Joanne Kollasch, OSB 65th Anniversary, Benedictine Bridge Leave a Comment

How will we celebrate the sisters 65th anniversary in Madison? Janet in our mission advancement office was posing the question.

I confess some reluctance to entertain the question, as a litany of ups and downs in this place flashed through my mind:

  • an open pasture as the setting for our monastery—really?
  • opening a school/closing a school
  • in 1966 not many people were ready for an “ecumenical” retreat and conference center. Bill Wineke, religion writer for the State Journal wrote: “nuns take leap of faith into the dark”—could have written a “leap over the cliff” (Guess some folks believe we did)

And what did happen? We planted an ecumenical seed and everything came up ecumenical: a big family-variety of friends; you; the sisters’ community became ecumenical; and Wisdom Prairie, to daily remind us of our Creator’s love of diversity. What a good reason to celebrate 65 years at this place: we are blessed!

In closing, I share a friend’s definition of heaven. When asked what he thought heaven would be like he answered: Party! Party! Party!

Is there some event you need to take time to affirm and celebrate? You’ll be grateful you did—both for the event and the celebration.

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