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Premiering: The Holy Wisdom Podcast!

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Next week, November 4, 2020, our newest virtual adventure begins: episode one of The Holy Wisdom Podcast will premiere!

When I first got hired to manage social media for the sisters, I knew very little about their story or of the many communities of Holy Wisdom Monastery. As a result, I had a lot to learn. One of the questions I asked on my first day of work was “So, I was under the impression that monks and monasteries were for men, not women; why is this place called a monastery even though it has sisters?”

Apparently, it’s a common question for new visitors.

Every day, I learned more about Holy Wisdom Monastery, the story of the sisters, and the many communities included here. It was a little overwhelming, and, needless to say, impressive. As I told more people about my new job, I also found myself telling them all about this hidden gem sitting on the hill looking over Lake Mendota.

“It’s actually really cool,” I’d say. “They have one of the greenest buildings in the country, and 130 acres of land that they’re restoring to natural prairie and forest and everyone is ridiculously kind. All of the sisters are so smart and open一Sr. Mary David Walgenbach, the prioress, even has a degree in chemistry!”

“Really?” my friends would say, a note of surprise to their voice.

Brooke Moriarty presenting The Holy Wisdom Podcast's cover art.

From the beginning, it became clear to me that we needed to find a better way to share Holy Wisdom’s history and people. Thus, the first thought of a podcast began to grow.

Some of these stories will be familiar, some will be new; sometimes we might talk about current issues, reflect on Benedictine history, or invite special guests to share their experiences with us. Either way, we hope you will tune in and join us on November 4th to listen to our first episode.

Where Can I Listen to The Holy Wisdom Podcast?

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