ECCSR receiving applications for the next cohort of pastors

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by Nancy Enderle and Jerry Buss, co-directors of the ECCSR

Applications have begun to come in for the next cohort of pastors seeking to participate in Contemplative Renewal at Holy Wisdom Monastery. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2020. If you know an early to mid-career pastor who is thinking about applying, now is the time to encourage him or her to do so!

In addition to receiving applications for the next cohort of 19 pastors, the ECCSR will maintain connections with the current cohort as they prepare to return for a second, shorter immersion in January of 2020.

Following their second immersion, the cohort will continue to experience contemplative community and explore ways to deepen their spiritual lives and renewal for their ministries. Finding the rhythm for maintaining their connections and contemplative renewal apart from the blessings of visiting the monastery will offer some challenges. A key resource for this work will be an online gathering place called the Monastery without Walls. Video and audio recording technology will help the pastors access the Monastery virtually, making it possible for them to listen to the Liturgy of the Hours, Sunday Assembly, classes and events. Updates and more information about the Monastery without Walls and how community members may participate will be coming soon. In the meantime, thank you for your prayers as we seek new participants and journey with the current group.

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  1. Grace abounds. Thank you for your good and holy work!

    I was curious about plans regarding the ECCSR cohort for 2021-2022, if there might be a cohort in the upcoming year of some kind.

    Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving. And may you be safe.

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