Earth, Our Home

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By Dennis Crowley

O Sacred Cosmos, wherein our Universe so massively and silently moves. 

O Sacred Cosmos, where our Galaxy joins with numberless Galaxies drifting in spaces beyond our comprehension.

O Sacred Cosmos, it is within this Universe and this Galaxy, that our small Solar System imperceptibly circulates in gyrations beyond our daily reckoning.

O Sacred Cosmos, we come to you with heavy hearts because Earth, held so gently in this, oh so small Solar System, is in pain.

O Sacred Cosmos, Earth is being buffeted, torn, scorched, and polluted by the very species honored with the charge, “Be faithful stewards!”

O Sacred Cosmos, we, the human species, are utterly failing in our sacred charge to cherish and protect this holy ground of your glory! 

O Sacred Cosmos, we have failed to love and nurture this Earth and by so doing we are destroying the earth, ourselves, and other species in numbers so great, we hide in shame.

O Sacred Cosmos, we cry out for your Divine patience which moves gracefully in infinite millenniums and eons so vastly beyond our comprehension, that only in that timeless space do we find hope.

O Sacred Cosmos, yes, you carefully cast this infinite net of hope, blasting these great disturbances we have wrought, with your healing capacity to bring forth brilliance out of darkness, and silence out of the cacophony of our destructiveness.

O Sacred Cosmos, in your Holy Wisdom, inspire us with new eyes to see the infinite Cosmos beyond and within us, so that we may honor every form of your being, for so it has been, for so it is, and for so it shall be forever and ever. Amen.

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