Benedictine Spirituality in the 21st Century

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“Benedictine spirituality is the spirituality of the twenty-first century because it deals with the issues facing us now.” –  Joan Chittister, OSB

The Rule of Benedict has helped people around the world develop a deeper understanding of their own spirituality through the Benedictine tradition. Written by Benedict of Nursia in the 6th century, the Rule inspired many Christians in their search for God, leading to the formation of Benedictine monasteries throughout Europe. These holy places served as witnesses to God’s love during the dark periods in history.

Today, the Rule is the basis for a spirituality that is much more than a set of regulations. Benedictine spirituality serves as a guide for communal living of the Gospel in a socially responsible way and as a pathway for personal spiritual development.

Benedictine spirituality is a fresh alternative in an increasingly fast-paced world. The typical person takes  little time for personal renewal in the hectic daily round of activities. Benedict reminds us of our priorities: prayer, contemplation, balance and the importance of everything we do. The values lifted up by the Rule of Benedict make it a fruitful source of guidance for living the Christian life today.

By calling us back to prayer throughout the day, Benedict recognized that all time is holy and any time is a moment when we may encounter God. Benedictine spirituality attunes us to an awareness of the divine in the ordinary.

In a world where alienation and suspicion of the stranger runs deep, Benedict’s respect for all persons and valuing all persons equally can heal our enmity with one another. In a world torn by violence, Benedict’s emphasis on “right relationships” can put us a path toward justice and peace.

Following Benedict’s revaluing of all things as holy, the sisters’ community at Holy Wisdom Monastery works to preserve and restore the natural environment here. This reverence for the mystery of God’s creation inherent in Benedictine spirituality moves us toward sustainable living on our beleaguered earth.

At Holy Wisdom Monastery we follow the Rule as a guide for contemporary Christian women who want to live the Gospel. Our community emphasizes values from the Rule in our mission of weaving prayer, hospitality, justice and care for the earth into a shared way of life as an ecumenical Benedictine community. We honor diversity among their members and in the communities they help create. We extend an invitation to people of all faiths to take part in common meals, prayer, dialogue and care for the earth.


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  1. I’m a monk at the fledgling Anglican Monastery of the Resurrection, in Flowery Branch, GA.

    The page above is THE best general description of Benedictine spirituality that I’ve seen.

    I would like to borrow your language for a brochure on Benedictine spirituality for our diocesan synod, with your gracious permission. Your monastery would, of course, receive proper attribution.

    If you have no objection to this, please drop me a quick note acknowledging that its OK with you. Many thanks and blessings.

    Your brother in our Lord, Jesus Christ,

    Br. Monty Pitts, OSB

  2. What a refreshing and wonderful spirituality! I’ve been so touched by the Benedictines.
    Thank you for the above article.

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