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By Steve Zwettler, Sunday Assembly member

For some people, stillness is frightening. For other people, stillness is peaceful. For spiritual seekers, stillness is a garden of the Holy One. As the years creep up on me, the season of Lent seems to be more and more an opportunity for grace-filled stillness rather than ascetical discipline.

Psalm 46 has such wise and rich spiritual advice for this Lenten Season: “Be still and know that I am God.” There is something counter cultural and deeply enriching about stilling our hearts, stilling our minds, stilling our bodies and breathing in the One who is our All.

Many retreat directors use the above line from Psalm 46 to help people sink down into stillness. Find a quiet space. Take a few deep breaths. Recite the phrase slowly: “Be still and know that I am God.” Then recite the phrase again dropping certain words until stillness and silence are yours. Be still and know that I am God. Breathe. Be still and know that I am. Breathe. Be still and know. Breathe. Be still. Breathe. Be. Breathe……..Stillness and Silence.

Stay in this stillness and silence listening to the rhythms of the Mystery within.

For a few brief moments there is no more stress or fear. There is no more achieving or climbing to be done. There are no more tensions or destructive ego needs. There are no more tapes racing through the mind and demanding attention. There is only Being in Stillness with the One who is our All.

Stillness is a profound prayer. No asking. No seeking. No forgiving. No Guilt. No doing. Just listening to the Beloved Within. Lent reminds me to be Still. St. Benedict would approve.

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