Advent Meditation

Lynne Smith, OSB Living in Community Leave a Comment

As we travel through these days of Advent, I would like to share the following poem with you as an Advent meditation. This poem comes from A Tree Full of Angels, Seeking the Holy in the Ordinary, by Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB.:

Climbing down through the stars
to the stars on earth
The divine face meshing with the human
Heaven touching earth
We call it Incarnation!

You came as a star
led by a star
through the stars
to the stars
We never knew we were stars
until you came.

O God, we welcome you
We lovingly share our frail human flesh
and our starry planet with you
We wrap you in our flesh
We embrace you with joy
as you reach out your hands and your heart
to become one of us.

It was Mary who first wrapped you
in our human flesh
Her womb, the first altar
consecrated from all eternity
to be your first earthly home.

How holy is this earth!
Your glory streamed through our lives
like stars
the day you leaned from heaven
You came to help us see our glory
Following the star
we lean into your glory
In your light, we see the light

We never knew we were stars
until you came.

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