5 things you can do to show your love for birds

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Their songs uplift our spirits and their powers of flight captivate our imagination.  Birds add immeasurable beauty and joy to our world, but their numbers are declining and they need our help! As spring migrants return to Wisconsin, here are five things you can do to help our feathered friends.

Keep a list

Birders just love lists! And for good reason; keeping track of the birds you see at your favorite neighborhood park, or in your backyard, or even all the species you see in a year will challenge your ID skills and reveal patterns you might otherwise miss.

Spread the word

If you love birds, you are in good company! Did you know that 1 in 3 people like watching birds? Share your interest and passion for birds with others with stories, photos and updates. You never know when your personal story might capture someone’s heart and flip them from bird apathy to bird advocate.

Support habitat conservation work

Familiar with the saying “canary in a coal mine?” Birds are a great indicator of habitat and ecosystem health, and habitat loss is one of the major factors behind declining bird populations. All of us can do our part to support the important work of creating and improving critical bird habitat. Consider contributing time or money to an organization who is doing good conservation work in your community.

Continue learning

Whether you are just getting started or have decades of birding under your belt, there are always ways to deepen your love and learning about our feathered friends. Get a field guide or check out a book from the library.  Work on your visual or audio ID skills. Learn where our breeding birds go when they leave for the winter.  

Join Wrens of Wisdom Prairie

(Updated 4/22/22)
Holy Wisdom is excited to be participating for the second time in the Great Wisconsin Birdathon! We’re raising funds to help #BringBirdsBack and we’d love your help. Donations to our team will be split between the Bird Protection Fund, which supports priority conservation projects across the state, and land care projects right here at Holy Wisdom. This is a great opportunity to support us AND the birds!  To learn more, join and support our team Wrens of Wisdom Prairie, click here

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