3 Ways to Slow the Speed of Time

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By Monica Jefcoat, Personal Retreat and Event Coordinator Holy Wisdom Monastery

Have you ever noticed how time seems to go by more quickly as we grow older? I recently read an article that offered tips to combat this.

First the author summarized this feeling is due to routine. When you’re younger, you experience more things that are new to you that make impressions on your memory and leave the perception of lengthened time. However, as we grow older we’re more likely to settle into familiar rhythms and patterns. These repeated actions are consolidated in the brain as one memory which in turn makes time feel like it has contracted.

What can you do?

The author went on to offer several tips, but these were my favorites:

  1. Switch up your routine – take a different route to work; cook something new for dinner; explore a different area of your neighborhood on your next walk.
  2. Actively notice new things – be aware of changes in your environment such as leaves changing color or new businesses opening.
  3. Travel – get away from the same similar surroundings.

I was struck by how closely the author aligned with the values and vision of Holy Wisdom Monastery. Although not expressed exactly in this fashion, she seemed to be encouraging people to be mindful, present and intentional each and every day. I concluded that lack of engagement in routine is what makes time fly.

Thinking about a getaway?

So, getaway for a while and change your routine. Come see all the wonderful changes that can be discovered at Holy Wisdom Monastery – each day, each season, each year!

The Retreat and Guest House has the following openings between now and the end of September:

Retreat and Guest House:

  • Aug. 9-13
  • Aug 17 – Sept. 17
  • Sept. 19-24
  • Sept. 26 – Oct. 4
  • Oct. 6-14
  • Oct. 17-20
  • Oct. 27-29
  • Oct. 30-31


  • Aug. 14-16; Elizabeth Hermitage
  • Aug. 21-23; Elizabeth Hermitage
  • Sept. 12-14; Elizabeth Hermitage
  • Oct. 1-4; Elizabeth Hermitage
  • Oct. 8-14; Elizabeth Hermitage
  • Oct. 10-14; Mary Hermitage
  • Oct. 17-19; Mary Hermitage
  • Oct. 17-21; Elizabeth Hermitage
  • Oct. 25-29; Mary Hermitage
  • Oct. 27-29; Elizabeth Hermitage

The first date listed for each period is the earliest available arrival day and the second date listed is the latest available departure day. Hermitage visits require a minimum of a two night stay. Please note all of our accommodations are fully air conditioned.

To schedule your visit, please click the link below.


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