What happens when women come to explore?

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What happens when five women—unknown to each other and to the monastery—spend less than 48 hours together with the community during an Exploring Benedictine Sojourners Retreat? New doors open…new insights are gained…new friendships develop…new paths unfold.

We are grateful to Denise, Jill, Linda, Liz and Paz who took the risk to come for a weekend to learn more about our Benedictine Sojourner program. These women were open, sincere, faithful and filled with a variety of gifts, interests and backgrounds. We shared our story and they shared their stories. As one woman put it, “Telling my story was a way of feeling known and connected; hearing others’ stories allowed us to feel connected in our common struggles.”


Scenes (above) from an Exploring Benedictine Sojourners Retreat weekend: exploring the monastery grounds, new discoveries, sharing together, contributing to the work of hospitality

During breaks in a rainy weekend they explored the monastery grounds, experiencing the recent regrowth on the prairie, ducks, geese and cranes by Lost Lake and even a family of owls in the woods.

These women left knowing more about us and about themselves, with a small taste of the rhythm of monastic life and, for some, an interest in experiencing that rhythm over a longer period of time. One retreatant reflects, “I have learned the centrality of community in the Benedictine journey, and it is clear to me that the Sojourner program is grounded in the experience of the ordinary.”

Would they recommend this weekend to others?

“I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone interested in better understanding personal spirituality through experiencing a welcoming ecumenical Benedictine community.”

“If you are seeking God, and at a crossroads in your life, give yourself the gift of a Benedictine Sojourners Retreat.”

Thank you, Denise, Jill, Linda, Liz and Paz, for sharing your gifts with us.

Future Exploring Benedictine Sojourners Retreats are scheduled for June 12-14 and November 6-8, 2015. More information is available on our website or contact Ann at amoyer@benedictinewomen.org, 608-836-1631, x197.


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