Renew Yourself on Retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery?

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Consider taking a day or two or even three to experience the quiet, prayerful, spacious ambiance of a retreat in the Retreat and Guest House of Holy Wisdom Monastery.

The whirling, swirling, flying snow of these winter days reminds me of the whirling, swirling, busy lives so many of us try to live. A terrific snowstorm in early December forced me to stay home, without a plan. What a gift that day turned out to be! Renewal and rejuvenation from solitude, silence and the beauty of creation brought peace and healing in the days that followed. We can’t count on snow days to help us keep a balanced life but we can choose some time to “get away.”

Jesus told his disciples to “come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31). A retreat is a time you set aside just for you, to do as Jesus instructed. Maybe you’ll relax and sleep. Maybe you’ll seek answers to some of the bigger questions in life. Maybe you’ll read and pray. You may find inner peace by walking and meditating in nature. Time spent with a spiritual guide may help you find words for your deepest longing. Joining the monastic community for prayer and meals may inspire you to strive for simplicity and balance in your own life. Retreat time is yours, only yours, no clocks, no deadlines, no oughts, no shoulds.

The Retreat and Guest House of Holy Wisdom Monastery is open for personal retreats and group retreats. The quiet rooms, nourishing meals and beautiful grounds offer an opportunity to slow down and surrender to God’s embrace, an opportunity to be still and aware of God’s presence within and all around.

  • Renovations in the Retreat and Guest House will provide more spacious meeting rooms for group retreats by April 2010. Several meeting rooms are available during renovations.
  • The Retreat and Guest House has 13 single bedrooms and 4 double bedrooms, all with private bathrooms.
  • Woodland hermitages are available for retreats lasting one week or longer and include a kitchenette.
  • Join others for program retreats throughout the year. These retreats are listed on our website.
  • To arrange a personal retreat, contact Gloria at or 608-836-1631, ext. 101.
  • To arrange a group retreat or hermitage retreat contact Jerrianne at or 608-836-1631, ext. 158.
  • To arrange spritual guidance, contact Jerrianne or one of the spiritual guides listed on our website.

Come and be renewed!

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