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Sharon Colby

Sharon Colby, director of administration

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Sharon Colby, our new director of administration. Sharon has taken over some of Neal Smith’s duties as well as supervising the guest services department. She has extensive experience with non-profit organizational development and has worked at the local, state and national level, in addition to working in four different countries. Sharon worked most recently in New Mexico with the Monastery of Christ in the Desert.

She first heard about Holy Wisdom Monastery in 1974 when she was a student at UW-Madison. She didn’t visit at that time, but she followed the place over the years by joining the mailing list in the 80s and later becoming a donor. “I felt drawn to support this place because of the mission. When I read they were engaging in a long term discernment and strategic planning process, I was intrigued. That was huge for me. I started praying for the monastery and I wanted to be connected. I found this place to be very cutting edge,” explains Sharon. When the community became ecumenical, Sharon contemplated exploring the monastic community. Then the director of administration position became available, Sharon decided it was time to visit for the first time and follow her call to this place. In her free time, Sharon enjoys a variety of contemplative practices, the natural world and spending time with her friends, two grown children and new grandchild.

You can reach Sharon at (608) 831-9308.

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