Visioning survey

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. The survey asks you to reflect on a list of perceived strengths of Holy Wisdom Monastery and think about possible opportunities for Holy Wisdom moving forward in this time of uncertainty, global pandemic and calls for racial justice. Your input, along with data from other efforts, will inform recommendations forwarded to Holy Wisdom leadership. Your participation in this survey does NOT prohibit your participation in other efforts around reflection on these strengths. Please complete the survey by Friday, August 7, 2020.

Holy Wisdom Strengths

Through engagement with hundreds of Holy Wisdom stakeholders the following list of strengths for Holy Wisdom Monastery was created. Please read through this list and answer the question below.


  • Rooted in Benedictine Values as a Gift for All
    • With the Benedictine Sisters at its heart, sharing the daily rhythms of prayer and work.
  • Rooted Vibrant, Spirit-led Worship
    • An invitation to gather regularly for communal prayer and ritual, spiritual exploration and deepening.


  • Intentional, Whole-hearted Welcoming
    • Broadly inclusive acceptance within an ecumenical practice of hospitality that extends to all creation.
  • A Community of Communities – “That all may be one”
    • Open to new possibilities. Grounded in a spiritual-based sense of belonging that is both unifying and evolutionary.


  • A Source of Restoration, Healing and Growth
    • A home for the mutual renewal of the human spirit and the land.
  • Sacred Space and Place
    • A beacon of beauty, simplicity, silence, stability and oneness with the earth.