Your generosity unites the lives of many

The sisters, many of you and Christians throughout the world prepare for Jesus’ death and resurrection from Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, until Easter Sunday, April 4 and through the Easter season to Pentecost, on May 23, 2021. During this most important liturgical time of year, we will focus on the gifts of community, love and unity.

Would you consider a gift to the monastery by April 12, 2021, if you are blessed with more than you need, so we can carry out the mission, vision, values and ministries of Holy Wisdom Monastery?

Our spring appeal goal is to raise $50,000 from 250 donors.

Your donation will support monastery aspirations that many of you helped identify last year. Help us help others at the monastery, in the local community and throughout the world.

The pandemic has taught us how important community is and how strong we can be if we unite. Something the sisters have known for more than 65 years. Using their monastic community as a model, they have created a community of communities that reaches far beyond the walls of the monastery.

Community unites us

Humans, plants and animals form communities for a variety of reasons – to support each other, interact, share experiences and responsibilities, build relationships, accomplish more together, learn, survive, belong, grow and more.

There is a good chance that you already belong to or support a community or ministry at the monastery. Learn how your gift helps the sisters, the communities at the monastery, the local community and beyond.

Be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality

The sisters have given their lives and work to the mission of the monastery. Benedictine spirituality and values permeate the place, but also move beyond the monastery as community members live out these values wherever they are.

Your gift supports:

  • the Sunday Assembly community through live streaming prayer and worship opportunities that reach across the country and around the world
  • the Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery through retreat opportunities that teach Benedictine spirituality for members and the general public
  • the Ecumenical Center for Clergy Spiritual Renewal (ECCSR) and the clergy around the country who learn Benedictine practices that they can share with their congregations.
  • monastery-sponsored virtual programs that teach Benedictine spirituality and environmental education to many.

Campaign update

Goal exceeded!

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Percent of donors participating

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We offer a compilation of writings from community members throughout Holy Wisdom. They will share writings of reflections, meditations, prayers, poems, and other creative pieces, as our authors are called to explore the theme A Year of Unity: That All May Be One.

Joy Unspeakable by Dick Russo

Lenten Fasting: A Meditation by Pamela Johnson

Breaking Impulsive Action by Nancy Enderle

We Glory in the Cross submitted by Sister Joanne Kollasch

That They May be One by Paul Knitter

Achieve sustainability in all our essential resources, so we will be here 100 years from now

Benedictines strive to be good stewards of their resources. At the monastery we take this seriously as we work for operational and environmental sustainability.

Your gift helps us:

  • implement eco-friendly practices in the day-to-day operations of the monastery
  • restore habitat for plants and animals that live at the monastery
  • purchase energy efficient equipment throughout the buildings and grounds
  • educate a new generation through spiritual and environmental opportunities

Live ever more deeply into diversity, inclusivity and equity, so that all may be one

We aspire to offer a place where all are welcome. Here we can truly live into right relationships with each other and the earth.

As we offer assistance to our neighbors in need, your gift:

  • provides retreat experiences to leaders through our new social justice initiative: Community Respite & Resiliency fund
  • provides meals to Luke House guests, some of Madison’s poorest residents
  • supports local families through the Hispanic Family Christmas Sharing Project
  • supports four orphans in India through the SARTHI child-rights organization

Expand the monastery without walls

The Monastery without Walls brings liturgies, prayers, presentations, concerts and other programs to the comfort and safety of your home. Access to the gifts of the Holy Wisdom communities becomes accessible wherever you are.

As we look to removing even more barriers of participation, your gift:  

  • provides complimentary courses on Benedictine spirituality for all who want to learn more or provide scholarships for weekend retreats
  • covers speaker fees for local, national and international speakers
  • sponsors musical concert offerings
  • covers the cost of One License, a liturgical music copyright license for Sunday Assembly and daily prayer or for worship streaming and license

Embrace our land as a spiritual resource

We share our outdoor spaces for individual, group, spiritual and ecological restoration, growth, healing, connection and learning.

Responsible stewardship of our natural resources becomes even more important in the world today. Taking care of the monastery land, protects our precious lakes and watersheds beyond the monastery, provides habitat for a variety of plants and animals and offers a peaceful space for contemplation.

Your gift:

  • provides controlled annual burns of the prairie which leads to renewed growth
  • helps maintain our 4+ mile trail system
  • covers quarterly repair and replacement of restoration and preservation equipment
  • supports brush clearing and oak savanna restoration

Learn more and get involved

We need your help to be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality and environmental sustainability in the world today. To learn more about the mission of the monastery or how your gift will be used, contact Amy Bonomie, director of mission advancement: