Find Hope in a Year of Balance

Thank you for your gifts this Easter!

The greening of the prairie. The emergence of flowers. The resurrection of Christ. We are thankful for these invitations to experience joy.  We hope that you took the chance to celebrate this beautiful Easter season however you do it best – through prayer and worship, by visiting loved ones, going on a retreat, or simply spending time outdoors.   

As this Easter season concludes, the mission advancement team and all the sisters and coworkers want to thank you for your generosity. 114 supporters brought us to our goal of $40,000! We are so grateful to know that our work is meaningful to you. Together we can build a better world, starting on this little hill in Wisconsin. 

Thank you to our generous donors!

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It’s not too late to give a gift to support our work inspiring hope for all our guests and communities. Thank you!

To learn more about the mission of the monastery or how your gift will be used, contact Lara Dulin Perez, director of donor services:

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Nancy Baillies

Karen Bate

Ellen & Chris Belle

Kathleen Blandford

Carroll & Larry Bross

Nancy Bubier

Michael Clement

Louise Coleman

Rev Dennis Crowley

Harriet & Roger Dart

Kate Delaney Jolin & James Jolin

Jean Delisle

Patricia Donovan

Lisa Dye

Roberta Felker

Maggie Felker & Mike Byrd

Jack & Janet Finney

Rev Dr Jerry & Mrs Kathy Folk

Kathleen Gomez

Lila Hemlin

Kathy & Neil Heskin

Kim Hogan

Jane & Steven Holtzman

Patricia Huberty

James & Sharel Hubbing

Al Joranlien

Lucille Kester

Kathryn Kieckhafer

Alan & Ann Klonowski

Deborah Kmetz

Warren Kmiec

Kathy & Norbert Krusiec

Don Lamb

Terry Larson

Carl Lekan

Efrat Livny

Phyllis Lobdell

Abbie Loomis

Karen Manning & Daniel Uhlrich

Maureen McMahon

Ron Meissen

Julie Melton

Diane Morris

Marianne Moss

John Murphy

Barbara & Henry Nehls-Lowe

Mary Nielsen

Jean Pfeifer

Julia & Francis Pohlkamp

Claudia Porter

Lynn Ramshaw

Peg Rasch

Barbara Rowley

Jude Schubert

Pam Shellberg & Judy Armelin

Martha Sherman

James & Sheryll Smith

Lise Skofronik

Linda Stahelin

Dale Stelter

Patricia Stinger

Petra Streiff & Larry Stuessy

Tom Stumpf

Marilyn Unruh

Sandra & Thomas Vandervest

Kathy Waters & Joy Szopinski

Les & Jeannie Weber

JoAnn Weber

Diane Withers

Levi & Janet Wood

Michael Wright

Lois Yatzeck

Mike & Sue Zaleski

Jennifer Zogg

Think you already gave to the Easter appeal, but don’t see your name above?  Click the email button and let us know! Sometimes we receive gifts through other channels that don’t get counted toward the appeal, and we want to give you credit. 

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