Introducing Sophia Circle: sustained monthly giving

Sophia, an Ancient Greek word meaning Wisdom, sets the feel for our new monthly giving society – Sophia Circle.

Sophia Circle is comprised of donors sharing a monthly recurring gift via your credit card or bank account.  Together, you’ll offer a sustainable practice that reduces administrative cost and helps the sisters’ plan with confidence.

In partnership, you’ll be directly helping the sisters achieve sustainability in all our essential resources:

  • Continue to be innovative, bold, and courageous in our mission
  • Develop a future generation of monastic and lay leaders
  • Become operationally and environmentally sustainable
  • Cultivate broader contributions for all the monastery’s essential resources
  • Create and provide organizational transparency
  • Maintain, enhance, and expand he monastery’s facilities and property, as necessary

Would you consider helping the sisters achieve sustainability through Sophia Circle?

More information

For more information about the planned giving & sustained giving societies, contact Amy Bonomie, director of mission advancement at, 608-836-1631, x124 or Lara Dulin, development coordinator at, 608-836-1631, x120.

Planned giving & sustained giving

At Holy Wisdom Monastery, we aspire to achieve sustainability in all our essential resources. Our planned giving and sustained giving donors help us reach this goal and leave a legacy for current and future generations.

To honor these important donors, we created three societies:

  • Benedict Society: donors who have notified us that they have or will leave a planned gift to the monastery as part of their estate
  • Scholastica Sustainers: donors who have given monthly for 36 months or $10,000 or more in lifetime gifts
  • Sophia Circle: donors sharing a monthly, recurring gift

Benedict Society: support Holy Wisdom in perpetuity

Benedict Society is a group of long-term supporters of Holy Wisdom Monastery who have notified the Benedictine Life Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc. about their support for the sisters through a planned gift. Members of Benedict Society have chosen to have their legacy tied to the long-term legacy of Holy Wisdom Monastery for generations to come.


The main benefit of joining Benedict Society is knowing that you are supporting the long-term vision and mission of the Benedictine Women of Madison at Holy Wisdom Monastery. Notifying the Benedictine Life Foundation of your intentions and enrolling in Benedict Society also offers the following benefits:

  • Acknowledgement of your gift on our website and in our other printed and electronic materials (if desired—Benedict Society members can also remain anonymous to the public).
  • Annual gathering with the sisters and other Benedict Society members at Holy Wisdom Monastery.
  • Occasional special communications for Benedict Society members.

Join the Benedict Society

If you have already designated the Benedictine Life Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc. in your estate planning documents (bequest in a will, life insurance policy, retirement plan beneficiary, etc.), then please notify Amy Bonomie at 608-836-1631, x124 or You may also use this PDF form to notify Benedictine Life Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc. of your intentions. You will be automatically enrolled.


Current members of Benedict Society

We are grateful for the following members of Benedict Society for their expression of commitment and support toward the long-term vision of the Benedictine Women of Madison at Holy Wisdom Monastery:

Anonymous (14)
Jane Ayer
Reverend Dennis Crowley
Bill Diederich
Tim Jeffery
Alice Jenson
Sue Koleczek
Phyllis Lobdell
Norma and Doug Madsen
Judy Nolde
Jayne Neuendorf
Reverend Jon Olson
Steven Powell
Rev. Carol Shaffer
Neal and Diane Smith
Janine Veto

Scholastica Sustainers: support for Holy Wisdom over time

Thank you to our supporters who have chosen to sustain us. Your generosity helps us continue to provide experiences that fulfills the sisters’ mission of weaving prayer, hospitality, justice and care for the earth into a shared way of life.

We honor a special group of committed supporters with automatic induction into the Scholastica Sustainers community. Scholastica Sustainers have given 36 or more consecutive monthly gifts, or $10,000 or more in lifetime giving.  Like Benedict Society, our supporters who have chosen planned giving as a way to support Holy Wisdom Monastery, these are supporters who believe in and get energized by our mission.

Saint Scholastica and Saint Benedict

Saint Scholastica, the twin sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia, was a dedicated supporter of the ministries of her brother. The story goes that Benedict was visiting his sister, and he wanted to return home to the monastery he founded. Scholastica pleaded with him to spend the night, and he refused. She then prayed to God for rain to keep him there, and a wicked storm came. Scholastica died three days later after their last meeting. Scholastica never waivered in caring for her brother.

As Scholastica was to Benedict, the Scholastica Sustainers at Holy Wisdom Monastery have stood by our side. Many live nearby our location in Middleton, Wisconsin, but some live as far away as Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Virginia.