Scholastica Sustainers Group Launched at Holy Wisdom Monastery

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By Sister Mary David Walgenbach and Mike Sweitzer-Beckman

This hot summer has dried up the prairie at the monastery, and we are doing our best to keep up with the uncontrollable heat. We’re fortunate to have several people helping to maintain the prairie: a couple participants in our annual Volunteer in Community program this past summer, two new participants in Benedictine Sojourners, a few dedicated volunteers that come every week, and our longtime groundskeeper, Paul Boutwell.

The dry heat we’ve been enduring for the last month reminds me of the story of Saint Scholastica, the twin sister of Saint Benedict of Nursia. The story goes that Benedict was visiting his sister, and he wanted to return home to the monastery he founded. Scholastica pleaded with him to spend the night, and he refused. She then prayed to God for rain to keep him there and her prayers were answered, giving them more time together. Scholastica died three days later after their last meeting. Scholastica is a vital Benedictine image, an example of the power of the soul who loves God and seeks after the common good.

We are pleased to announce a new group at Holy Wisdom Monastery called Scholastica Sustainers — those long-time supporters who have contributed to the Benedictine Life Foundation of Wisconsin for the past decade or more. These people have stood by our side through thick and thin, and we want to honor their support. We will offer special updates and invitations to this group of longtime supporters. Like Scholastica with Benedict, they have remained closely connected to us and have supported our efforts to weave prayer, hospitality, justice and care for the earth into a shared way of life as an ecumenical Benedictine community.

We are also pleased to offer another planned giving workshop featuring the attorney Melinda Gustafson Gervasi. Planned giving is way to support the works and ministries of the monastery over the long haul. Please consider joining us for dinner on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 followed by her 90 minute presentation. When someone dies without a will, assets are distributed based on the laws of the state. The only way to ensure that upon your death your personal possessions, property and other assets are distributed to your wishes is by completing a will.

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