Three people looking at the camera and having a meal at the monastery

How to Reserve a Meal Prepared by the Holy Wisdom Monastery Chefs

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Three people looking at the camera and having a meal at the monastery

Our earlier article about the amazing chefs of Holy Wisdom Monastery from Weekly Wisdom resulted in requests for more information on how to reserve a meal in the Monastery Building. Without further ado, here are answers to the questions as well as some additional information on reserving a meal at Holy Wisdom.

We are taking numerous precautions such as bringing in a continual flow of fresh, warmed outside air into the dining rooms and allowing plenty of space for individuals to spread out while eating. Meals are eaten in either the large guest dining room or smaller community dining room depending on your preferences as well as whether greater distance between diners is needed or advised.

Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated with 48 hours advance notice.

Meal service reservations are available to overnight and meeting guests, as well as any Holy Wisdom community members.

Most meals are prepared “chef’s choice” and what is being offered won’t be known at the time of your reservation. Chefs Robert Kauper and Lisa Hoon are true chefs and they often use inspiration to help decide what will be made each day. The inspiration comes from several different factors such as what monastery-grown produce is available to them and catches their eye that day. And meals are usually served with a brief narrative from the chef!

Lunch is served at 12:00 noon and dinner is served at 5:15 pm.

To reserve a lunch or dinner, contact Brooke Livingston, our guest services manager, at 608-836-1631, x100 or 48 hours in advance.

Shorter notice can sometimes be accommodated; call to inquire.

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