photo by Jennifer Peters

Our oblate mission

The Oblates of Holy Wisdom Monastery are members of an intentional community rooted in Benedictine values who promise to journey with one another as we listen for God.

Our oblate vision

We strive to become a transforming presence in the world by living a balanced life of prayer, reflection, work, and leisure.

Our oblate values

We value listening, silence, simplicity, stability, humility, and right relationship with God, self, others, and the earth.

Our oblate aims

Aim 1: Spirituality – Offer experiences and support for deepening levels of individual and community growth.

Aim 2: Hospitality and Community – Create a sacred space to build relationships where all are invited, welcomed, and honored.

Aim 3: Program Administration – Provide support to Oblates and their programs.  Coordinate with other programs at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

Aim 4: Sustainability and Stewardship – Ensure long term financial security of the Oblate Program and Holy Wisdom Monastery.