Ecumenism at Holy Wisdom Monastery

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Sometimes visitors and guests at the monastery look at us quizzically when we say we are an ecumenical monastery. They might not ask the question outright, but they wonder: “How does that work?” We’ve held the vision of an ecumenical community for twenty years. Some people could not see the vision and others said: “It isn’t possible. You can’t do it.”

Father Ken Smits, OFM Cap. who used to work with us in the area of liturgy wrote this about ecumenism here: “The ecumenism at Holy Wisdom Monastery is a practical ecumenism, grounded in hospitality, inviting development of community, which is fostered by sharing spirit and life. It is grass roots ecumenism appropriate to a monastic community.”

Visitors might experience ecumenism here before even knowing what the word means. They experience it as a welcome and an invitation to share fully who they are. Some experience ecumenism at the monastery as feeling at home here. Others who live close to the monastery experience ecumenism as a praying community when they join us at Morning and Evening Prayer. Members of Sunday Assembly, our worshipping community, and members of our oblate community experience ecumenism as an invitation to become part of a community in which they bring their gifts and share in the gifts of others. Our Benedictine Sojourners will experience ecumenism in all these ways as they form community with the sisters.

We invite you to bring your search for God, your gifts, your desire for community and join us in living our vision. Together we will live into the church that is emerging.

For information about becoming part of the many communities at Holy Wisdom Monastery, contact Sister Lynne at or 608-831-9305.

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