You’re invited!

We hope you can join us for Celebration of Community events, September 25 & 26, 2021, where we will honor all the communities of the monastery and the milestones of the sisters’ community.

Attend all or some of the following events.

The Saturday events are only open to the sisters’ families and special guests by invitation only, the Sunday events are open to all.


Saturday, September 25 –
Sister Mary David’s 60th anniversary of her monastic profession


Welcome reception 11:30 am Monastery gathering area & dining room
Blessing & luncheon 12:00 pm Monastery dining room
Music & short program 12:50 pm Assembly room
Event ends 2:00 pm
Sunday, September 26 –
Sister Everline’s first profession & renewal of promises by Sisters Joanne (67 years), Mary David (60 years), Lynne (21 years), Denise (3 years)


Sunday Assembly liturgy 9:00 am Assembly room
Community brunch & short program following worship Monastery dining rooms & patio
Event ends 11:30 am

Care for the Sisters

In honor of the sisters’ achievements and leadership, and to celebrate their love and care of our community of communities, would you consider a gift to their Care for the Sisters fund?

Your gift will ensure the sisters have access to quality health care, retirement, continuing education tuition and enrichment development for the current and next generation of monastic leaders here at Holy Wisdom Monastery.


In Gratitude for our Celebration Event Sponsors

We deeply appreciate the financial support provided by more than 150 donors to support the ongoing needs of our Benedictine Women of Madison sister’s community.  More than $128,000 has been raised specifically for the Care for the Sisters Fund, which provides the quality health care, retirement, continuing education tuition and enrichment development and personal travel needs for the current and next generation of monastic leaders at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

  • Platinum
    • Gordy & Kristy Meicher
    • Thompson Investment Management LLC
  • Gold
    • Mary Zaborski
  • Silver
    • Anonymous (3)
      Chickee & Raj Atalla
    • Linda & Ron Bodien
    • Tom Braunger
    • Brian & Carol Grannon
    • Sherri Hansen
    • Jayne Neuendorf & Al Reichenberger
      Mary Ellyn & Joe Sensenbrenner
    • Chris & Jon Todd
    • Sal & Judy Troia
  • Bronze
    • Jane Ayer
    • Janis & Griffin Dorschel
    • Janine Edwards
    • Nancy & Gordon Enderle
    • Shirley Fagan
    • Steve & Susan Hawk
    • Amy Johnson
    • Terry Jones
    • Efrat Livny
    • Norma & Doug Madsen
    • Cathy & Ralph Middlecamp
    • Monona Bank
    • New Health Chiropractic, Dr. Richard Merrion & Charles McLimans
    • Barbara Parsons
    • Premier Retirement Partners
    • Lise Skofronick
    • Bob Smith
    • Sheri Swokowski
    • Marilyn Unruh
    • Reena Vyas
    • Roleen Walgenbach
    • Joyce & Gary Wodka
  • Friend
    • Jane Ahlstrom
    • Anonymous (3)
    • Bernice Anglin
    • Jane Ayer
    • Sue & Charles Bradley
    • Carol Cloutier
    • Reverend Dennis Crowley
    • Judith Doran
    • Roberta Felker
    • Sarah Wilkin Gibart & Tony Gibart
    • Janis & Mark Hanson
    • Hausmann-Johnson Insurance
    • Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc.
    • Inkworks, Inc.
    • Pastor Patty Jenkins
    • Jim Forrest Piano Service
    • Ellengray & Charles Kennedy
    • Marcia Krater
    • Carole Kretschman
    • Reverent Brad S. Lutz
    • Michel & Patrick McGettigan
    • Helene Nelson & James Arts
    • Bonita & Walden Paige
    • Peg Rasch
    • Kathleen & Ron Shanovich
    • Peggy & Mike Spiewak
    • Maureen & John Van Dinter
    • Tom & Sandie Vandervest
    • Dick Wagner
    • Sally & Jim Wedde
    • Kathy Woytch

*as of Sep. 21, 2021

COVID-19 Precautions

  • All attendees 12 years of age and older will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. A negative COVID test within the previous 72 hours is required for anyone unable to get fully vaccinated due to medical conditions.
  • Individuals under the age of 12 will need to stay distanced at least 6 feet from one another to reduce any possible risk of transmission.
  • Dane County regulations require that masks be worn by all individuals two years of age and older when indoors with people outside of their household. Masks can temporarily be removed when eating.
  • Fresh air will continually be brought in from outside through our HVAC system. Additionally, we’ll position high capacity air purifiers in the indoor eating areas.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes will be available in multiple locations in the Monastery Building as well as high touch surfaces will be cleaned frequently by our custodial staff.
  • Please stay home if you are sick.

Send Your Congratulations

We invite you to send personal virtual greetings to each sister in celebration of the anniversaries of their monastic professions. You can even upload a photo to send if you wish.

Your message will be printed and given to each sister after the Celebration of Community on September 26th. Please sign the virtual cards by Tuesday, September 21, 2021.

How to sign a virtual card:

  1. Click on the photo or name of the sister below who you wish to send congratulations to
  2. A new page will open
  3. Click the blue button that says Sign the card
  4. Enter your name, and type your message, then click Next
  5. If you’d like to upload a photo, click on the blue button that says Add photo, then click Next
  6. When you are finished, click on the Save button, then click on the back arrow (near top left of screen) to return to the monastery webpage where you can choose the next sister
  7. Repeat the steps above for each sister