Aspirations survey


Thank YOU for taking time to answer this brief survey. Your help in moving our strategic thinking process towards closure, answering these questions, is vitally important to Holy Wisdom Monastery at this time in our world and in the Monastery’s ever evolving journey. Please complete by Sunday, October 4, 2020.

The “Listen, Imagine, Create” process generated input from hundreds of stakeholders who identified demonstrated strengths and named possible opportunities moving forward. Based on that shared perception, the Strategic Planning Committee created a list of aspirations, a glimpse of a perceived ideal future for Holy Wisdom Monastery and its Community of Communities – what Holy Wisdom Monastery aspires to be.

The list below is a draft. Your input will inform a final version to be accepted by the Holy Wisdom leadership and the Board of Directors. Holy Wisdom will then use the results to inform creation of specific strategic efforts which will help move forward these Aspirations. Many of you offered specific suggestions and targeted ideas as a part of this process. Those are not lost and will also inform the decision-making process.

Please begin by reviewing the draft list of Aspirations and some possible broad opportunities identified for each below….

Aspirations & Opportunities

We aspire to…

Be a beacon of Benedictine spirituality. We offer beauty, balance, stability, prayer, worship, contemplative silence and respect to all.

Possible opportunities include…

  • Reinforcing the essential role of prayer and worship in developing the inner person and all Holy Wisdom seeks to do
  • Developing greater community visibility and transparency
  • Being a center for personal empowerment in social justice, right relationships and moral leadership

Achieve sustainability in all our essential resources. We will still be here 100 years from now.

Possible opportunities include…

  • Forming a new generation of a shared Benedictine way of life
  • Becoming an innovative and courageous mission sharing monastery
  • Ensuring facilities financial stability and environmental sustainability

Live ever more deeply into diversity, inclusivity and equity, so that all may be one.  We celebrate each other through listening, curiosity, accessibility, compassion and empowering collaboration.

Possible opportunities include…

  • Fostering ecumenical and inter-faith contemplative dialogue
  • Intentionally reaching out and actively listening to communities of color and youth
  • Increasing accessibility of our outdoor spaces
  • Exploring transportation and other barriers to participation

Create a monastery without walls and creatively use technology.

Possible opportunities include…

  • Removing barriers to access the gifts we offer
  • Enhancing and expanding our virtually streamed offerings
  • Offering video meeting/conferencing services
  • Building web-based prayer, work, study and listen resources
  • Fostering integrated Holy Wisdom community to community dialogue

Embrace our land as a spiritual resource. We share our outdoor spaces for individual, group, spiritual and ecological restoration, growth, healing, connection and learning.

Possible opportunities include…

  • Emphasizing the connection between everything
  • Developing an ongoing virtual connection to the outdoor resource
  • Expanding personal retreat options
  • Creating new immersion facilities and engagement activities