A Prairie Meditation

Silent Conversations
Art Exhibit by Terrill Knaack

Holy Wisdom Monastery is pleased to present Silent Conversations, an art exhibit featuring the work of nationally renowned landscape and wildlife artist, Terrill Knaack, including his original painting, A Prairie Meditation, of Wisdom Prairie at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

On Friday, April 22, Terrill Knaack opened his exhibit at the monastery with an art viewing, reception and artist talk, Art, Science and Ecological Consciousness. The Friends of Wisdom Prairie community members surprised the sisters by purchasing A Prairie Meditation for the monastery.

About the Artist

Terrill Knaack – Following graduation from UW-Madison, Terrill was the understudy of Owen Gromme, the curator of zoology at the Milwaukee Public Museum, after which he became a full-time professional artist.

The focus of his work is landscape and wildlife art, painted with oil on canvas, as well as photography. Terrill’s paintings have been shown at natural history and fine art museums across the United States, including the Explorer’s Hall National Geographic Society. He has been in multiple Leigh Yawkey Woodson “Birds in Art” exhibitions.

In addition to his art, Terrill has been involved in numerous projects involving ecological restoration, including priority watershed work, land restoration and educational opportunities. He taught for 10 years at Wayland Academy which included an ecology-based class entitled The Unity of Art and Science. Terrill is currently an Artist in Residence and artist mentor for UW Madison’s Limnology Center at Trout Lake. He continues to paint at his studio, Sunny Point Studio and in the field.

Art Exhibits
at Holy Wisdom Monastery

The Benedictine Sisters at Holy Wisdom Monastery sponsor art exhibits every year as part of their mission. Usually held in the spring, summer and fall, these exhibits hang in the gathering area of the LEED-certified monastery building. Selected artwork is in keeping with the monastic environment and reflects the Benedictine values of beauty, balance, simplicity, contemplation, and reverence for creation.

Gallery Dates & Hours

The exhibit is open to the public from May 22-July 5, 2022, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays. The art gallery at Holy Wisdom is located in the gathering area in the monastery building.

How to purchase art

If you would like to purchase a piece from this art exhibit, please write a check out to Terrill Knaack and give it to a front desk volunteer at the monastery. If you would rather contact Terrill directly, please call 920-326-3532. Purchased paintings can be taken home on July 8 between 9:00 am-4:00 pm.

Supporting Holy Wisdom

Terrill Knaack has pledged to generously donate 50% of sale proceeds to support the sisters’ mission at Holy Wisdom Monastery. Information on how to purchase a piece from his exhibit at the monastery is located at the front desk.

Generous Art Sponsors

We are grateful to our generous sponsors for promoting beauty and the arts at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

Friend of Beauty
  • Jane Ayer
  • Jane and Michael Belongie
  • Christine and Charles Frinak
  • New Health Chiropractic, Dr. Richard Merrion & Charles McLimans

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